Got a Minute? Navigator Modular Pillowcase Displays Are Ready When You Are

Boasting easy tool-free setup and vivid dye-sub printed graphics, pillowcase displays are some of the most striking, versatile, durable, budget-friendly and lightweight trade show exhibits around. But the Navigator product line in particular has taken pillowcase displays to a whole new level. See why Navigator fabric display kits have become an exhibitor favorite.

Pillowcase Displays 101

First things first: What the heck is a pillowcase display? Also known as tube displays, pillowcase fabric displays are made of a tube frame structure and stretchy tension fabric that’s custom-branded using a high-resolution dye-sublimation printing process. The tension fabric fits snugly over the tube frame to give the display its shape. Booth attendees will see impressive wall-to-wall graphics — and no unsightly frame.

 What Makes Navigator Pillowcase Displays So Special?

In a word, versatility. No two events are the same, so your exhibit space often changes from one venue to the next. No problem! Whether you need to outfit a small inline booth or a larger 20-foot booth, the Navigator is a great choice. Featuring modular components, Navigator makes updating and expanding your tradeshow display a breeze.

Need a banner stand, a backwall, a multimedia kiosk? How about all three? With a Navigator Modular Display Kit, smaller displays can easily be augmented to create larger ones, or individual components can be used as standalone elements in smaller spaces. It’s one of the most compelling long-term benefits of investing in modular display kits.

Navigator 10-foot Modular Kit 032
With Navigator modular displays like this 10′ Navigator Kit 032, exhibit components can be grouped and clamped together, repositioned, or even displayed individually as your needs change from one show to the next.

Curvy Good Looks

Featuring unique frame layouts and shapes, a Navigator display is sure to turn heads and make your brand stand out on the trade show floor. S-curved frames, rounded edges, and slanted designs add an element of visual intrigue to your display.

In addition, layered elements — like branded wing panels and headers — will give your Navigator tube display a rich 3-dimensional look.

Easy to Customize

No exhibitor wants their booth to look exactly like their competitor’s, so Navigator pillowcase display kits make it easy to customize your exhibit with optional add-ons. Choose from halogen or LED lighting, attachable reception counters, monitor mounts, or customized standoff components to make your own unique branding statement.

Navigator 10-foot Modular Kit 041
This 10’ Navigator Kit 041 features a heavy-duty monitor mount, an attachable reception or product display counter, and custom-printed header and side wings to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Tough and Durable

The old-fashioned plastic, aluminum composite and vinyl laminate displays can, after heavy usage, tear, crease, scuff or break. Not so with Navigator tube displays. For one thing, the Navigator tube framework is covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

For another, fabric displays themselves are notoriously easy to care for and maintain. Wash it. Steam it. Throw it in a bag. Even better, the Navigator pillowcase panels are expertly sewn and made to last with heavy-duty zippers.

Portable and Budget-Friendly

Simple to transport and easy to store, a Navigator pillowcase display will start saving you money from the very first time you use it. With foldable fabric panels and lightweight frames that pack easily into hard storage cases, your display will be safe and protected and you’ll save on shipping costs.

Ready in a Snap

Featuring a Quick-Connect push-button tube frame system, Navigator tube displays can be set up in minutes — no tools needed. Simply slip the pillowcase graphic panels over the frame, zip it up tight, and you’re all set!

Navigator 10-foot Modular Kit 017
With its unique serpentine design, the 20’ Navigator Modular Kit 017 offers a stunning, large-graphic impact combined with the flexibility and versatility you desire in a modular display.

Which Navigator Will You Choose?

Whatever you may call it, everyone can agree that Navigator pillowcase or tube displays are some of the most dynamic at any trade show. Contact an EXHIB-IT! trade show marketing expert today and let us help you find the right display for your needs.

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