Trade Show Videos: Surefire Ways to Command the Spotlight

Done correctly, video will engage passersby like nothing else in the exhibitor’s tool box. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you can use video to educate, inform and even entertain potential business prospects. Here are some tips for creating trade show videos that captivate your audience while sharing your key message — before, during and after the trade show.

Your Clients Love Video

Every day, 55% of cell phone users watch videos online — and that number is growing steadily. In fact, the number of Americans expected to watch video on their mobile devices is predicted to reach 175.4 million in 2019. Most notably, research from inbound marketing giant Hubspot tells us that 90% of people who interact with online video cite it as influential in regards to what they buy. It’s as clear as the eyes on their faces: your clients respond to video marketing.

Video Best Practices: Remember the 3 S’s

The length of the human attention span is debated: is it 8 seconds? 10 minutes? Either way, when it comes to your video, just keep these three words in mind: SHORT, SWEET and SWIFT.  Trade show videos aren’t the place to go into exhaustive detail about your products or feature fine print about your services. Use them to offer a big pitch, big picture and big takeaways. Use large fonts, bullets and stylized text to convey who you are, what you do, and what differentiates your product or service from the competition — ideally in under 5 minutes.

In-Booth Video: No Noise is Good Noise

The trade show floor is loud. No one will be able to catch the nuance of a carefully scripted narration or the perfectly chosen song. If you prefer some sound in your video, go for an instrumental number that’s not distracting. Concentrate your efforts where it will pay off: the visuals!

Visually Speaking

They say a picture paints a thousand words. A video, even more! Let imagery and graphics do the talking. A few carefully curated photos combined with testimonial quotes or teaser copy can tell your brand’s story in just a few seconds.

Keep It Movin’

Trade show videos need to garner attention from across the room as well as from the aisle. Animation and the whiteboard drawing technique are popular in video creation right now. Just as long as you make it eye-catching and keep the content moving along at a relaxed but purposeful pace — no long, drawn-out shots of people talking — your video will hit the mark.

In addition, keep your video on a loop. The crowds are moving quickly.  If an attendee stops and is lost by what’s on screen, they’ll move along to the next booth. Anyone should be able to stop at your booth during any given spot in the video and be able to understand what the video is all about.

Make It Visible

According to, you should aim to “make your video visible from space.” What they mean is, make it big, make it flashy, and place it where it can be seen: about 6 feet off the floor.

Pre-Event Marketing with Video

Since you’re taking the time and effort to create a video, it makes sense to use it fully to your advantage. Feature the video on your website and social media communities to plant the seed of enthusiasm before the show and promote brand awareness. Most importantly, be sure to feature your booth number prominently in the video — either in the closing frame or as a consistent banner graphic along the top — so attendees find you more easily on the trade show floor.

Using Video after the Trade Show

Repurpose your work! Post the video to your website and/or your YouTube channel, then share the link with your new sales leads via email.  It will refresh their knowledge of your booth, re-educate them on what you offer, encourage them to dig further, and drive traffic back to your website.

Remember … video gives you an opportunity to show your brand’s true personality. It’s a great way to get attendees engaged without tiring them out. Design your video with illustrations, big text, few words and with just enough info balanced with just enough WOW.

As an exhibitor, your goal for attending a trade show is to generate sales leads, and trade show video is a powerful tool for that. Before the show, video can take the lead in building anticipation. Most attendees plan their trade show experience ahead of time; your video can grab them early and make visiting your booth a priority. After the trade show, it will continue working for you by intriguing new prospects from YouTube or your website. As a smart, affordable, multi-purpose marketing tool, video is a long term investment that has been proven to pay off.


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