4 Backlit Display Superheroes That Clobber Boring Trade Show Booth Design

Do you sometimes feel like the Invisible Man while tending your trade show exhibit? Do you often wish you had some sort of superpower that could draw hundreds of qualified prospects into your booth? You can. Faster than the Flash, backlit and light box displays transform exhibits from meh to marvel-ous and start attracting booth visitors in seconds.

There are several different types of backlit displays. And just like all the great superheroes of comic book lore, each type boasts its own unique set of superpowers.

The Backlit Hanging Sign (a.k.a. Superman)

“Look up there! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!”

No, it’s your backlit overhead sign, shining like a beacon of hope to overwhelmed and dazed attendees from across the trade show floor. Manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, backlit hanging signs bring bold branding and 360-degree visibility to your booth.

Overhead sign graphic panels are generally dye-sub printed on tension fabric, and many models offer an optional rotating motor. Just slip the banner graphic around a lightweight push-button frame. No tools or superhuman strength required for assembly — although you will likely have to hire the trade show’s labor contractor to hang it from the ceiling.

Backlit hanging signs or cubes can draw attention from across the trade show floor.
Photo courtesy Shanghai Chleh Exhibit Industry Ltd.

The Lighted Back Wall (a.k.a. Green Lantern)

“Can’t … look … away.”

Like the Green Lantern’s tractor beam, lighted back walls have strangely hypnotic powers, drawing booth visitors deeper into your booth where your sales team can begin having meaningful conversations and qualifying them as leads.

Most backlit walls are constructed of durable, wrinkle-free fabric and lightweight frames. The LED lights come pre-installed, and you can choose between true white or color-changing bulbs to dazzle and delight passersby. Even more incredible is the money-saving power of these trade show superheroes, which often ship in a single case via UPS and FedEx.

Sporting true-white or color-changing LED bulbs, this 20-foot LightWall from Nomadic Display combines a magnetic personality with eye-popping visuals.

The Light Box Tower (a.k.a. Batman)

“Someone needs me!”

When you really want attendees to stop and take notice, put out the Bat-Signal with a light box tower. These tall, three- or four-sided displays are usually placed at the outer edge of trade show booths where they can be seen from far down the aisle.

Light box towers deliver powerful, walk-around graphic imagery. Their superpowers include the ability to morph into self-service kiosks as well as the ability to magically direct attendee foot traffic wherever you want it to go. They command a particularly powerful presence when used en masse in island or peninsula exhibits.

Light box towers can be used to educate and inform, direct traffic, or even illuminate dark corners of your exhibit.
Photo courtesy Robazzo Design Studio Ltd.

The Backlit Pop Up (a.k.a. Spider-Man)

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Backlit pop up displays can make YOU feel like a superhero. Constructed sort of like an umbrella with a webbed network of lightweight aluminum tubes, pop up displays snap into shape in seconds, allowing you to reveal a fully-assembled backlit display in under a minute.

Fabric graphic panels are attached securely to the frame with Velcro®, like Spider-Man clinging to the side of a skyscraper. Backlit pop up displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too, so you can use them as freestanding or table top elements, depending on your needs.

The VBurst 4’x3’ Backlit Pop Up Display delivers stunningly realistic imagery for powerful branding.

Additional Superpowers of Backlit Displays

Like Ant-Man, even the smallest of backlit displays may possess hidden talents. For example:

  • In many instances, the shipping case used to pack and transport your backlit display can be customized to double as a branded trade show counter. (Think of it as your own little mini Transformer.)
  • The LED lights used in backlit displays can last up to 10,000 hours — or about as long as Diana had to train before perfecting her warrior skills as Wonder Woman.
  • Most tension-fabric graphic panels are machine-washable, which is a good thing because a dirty trade show display is truly a crime worth fighting.
Build Your Backlit Display Dream Team

So how do you choose a particular backlit display for your booth? Well, there’s no rule that says you can’t choose them all! A well-lit, well-branded exhibit can pay for itself in just one year if you choose the right shows — specifically, shows that are attended by your precise target audience. Do your homework, reserve your booths, then contact a trade show marketing professional to see how you can incorporate backlit displays into your exhibit.

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