Island Booth Design Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Island exhibits offer some of the most captivating spaces at any trade show. No backwall essentially means NO LIMITS on booth design creativity! If you’re thinking of upgrading to an island exhibit — or you’d like to add more pizazz to your existing one — check out these awesome island display designs from around the web.

Island Exhibits Bring Both Challenges and Opportunities

Initially, the lack of a backwall can be intimidating for exhibitors wanting to transition from traditional in-aisle displays, where primary exhibit components rely on that backwall as an anchor. In addition, without clearly identifiable hardwall borders, island displays can lead to unpredictable foot traffic if not designed properly.

The tradeoff is freedom — freedom to create your own unique “private island” complete with nearly unlimited interior walls, product displays, kiosks, special lighting, casual seating and overhead signage. Island exhibits truly open up a whole new world of options for exhibitors.

Here’s a collection of real-life island booth designs that will intrigue and inspire you to take your island display to the next level.



Exhibitor: Selenia Italia

Booth Designer: DoubleTouch Media

Design Elements Worth Copying: With its bold red walkway and red interior wall, this island exhibit from European beauty aesthetics provider Selenia Italia leaves nothing to chance when it comes to directing foot traffic. Booth visitors’ eyes are instantly drawn to the primary consultation table in the center of the exhibit. And the display’s luxurious white columns make even Selenia’s messy-looking hi-tech derma massage equipment appear elegant.



Exhibitor: Royal Robbins

Booth Designer: MacKenzie Exhibit

Design Elements Worth Copying: Adventure outfitter Royal Robbins brings the outdoors in with the use of overhead hanging “sky” panels above their island display. In addition, they use visually intriguing shadowbox-type product display areas to clearly define the brand and the active outdoor lifestyle of their target audience.



Exhibitor: TelMeNow

Booth Designer: Astro Exhibitions

Design Elements Worth Copying: In this stunning island exhibit, assistive health technology provider TelMeNow uses bold color and lighting techniques to stand out from the crowd. All of the trade show counters are glow-lit from the bottom, and the display’s use of spot-color set against a crisp, vivid-white backdrop makes TelMeNow’s branding really pop.



Exhibitor: American Express Global Business Travel

Booth Designer: Mems International

Design Elements Worth Copying: A well-executed theme makes for a memorable exhibit. This island display from American Express Global Business Travel boasts an inviting pub/restaurant theme for weary travelers, complete with “specials” listed on chalkboards. AmEx also gets extra points for using biophilic design elements like green vines and wood-look furnishings.



Exhibitor: Withings

Booth Designer: Carol Bjorn

Design Elements Worth Copying: If you have multiple product lines, you may be tempted to erect multiple interior walls to section off your display, but that’s not your only option. Here, digital health technology provider Withings uses counters, signage and lighting to visually separate one product line from another while still maintaining a clean, open-air design.



Exhibitor: Ford Racing / Ford Performance

Booth Designer: DesignShop

Design Elements Worth Copying: Not every island can flaunt the sleek, sexy look of an auto show display, but this exhibit from Ford Racing is a nice example of just how creative island booth exhibitors can be when it comes to product display. Can you find a way to turn your products on their side or upside-down to give visitors a unique view of their inner workings?

Island Exhibit Tips from the Pros

The larger your island display, the more important it is that members of your sales staff are easily recognizable to booth visitors. That may mean providing your sales team with matching shirts, hats, aprons, or the like.

In addition, since island exhibits tend to fall towards the back of the convention hall, make sure you invest in well-branded and well-lighted overhead signs so your display can be seen from across the trade show floor.

Lastly, consider using mobile event apps to drive traffic to your booth and encourage onsite networking. These apps can also make lead generation much more time-efficient for your salespeople.

In the market for a new island trade show display? The staff at EXHIB-IT! is here to help. Contact us today and let us help you design a one-of-a-kind island booth that shows off your brand and stands out from the crowd.

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