Retractable Banner Stands: Which One Is Right for You?

“Just give me the cheapest one.” People often assume that all retractable banner stands are essentially the same, so they make their decision based solely on price. But all retractable banner stands are NOT the same. And by glossing over the options, you could be missing an opportunity to showcase a more unique banner stand that’s better suited to your brand.

Retractable = Ready When You Are

A retractable or roll up banner stand is likely the least expensive — yet most noticeable — element in any trade show display. Placing a retractable banner stand near the aisle can attract and draw visitors deeper into the booth. Lining up two or three retractables side by side creates a nice graphical backwall.

And despite their featherweight reputation (the average retractable banner stand weighs only about 12 pounds), retractable banner stands pack a powerful punch when it comes to features and benefits.

  • Fast, easy setup. Most retractable banner stands can be set up by one person in under a minute. Even models that sport swivel feet or optional side accessories generally won’t take longer than three minutes to put together.
  • Fewer moving parts. Graphic banner panels are rolled up or retracted back into the base or graphic cartridge, and most units come with their own carrying case, making it easier to keep track of all parts and pieces.
  • Adjustable height. Most retractable banner stands feature a telescopic pole that allows exhibitors to choose the height of the unit. If the graphic banner is designed accordingly, one retractable banner stand can pull double duty, serving as both a freestanding floor banner and as a tabletop unit.

But with so many retractable banner stand models all doing pretty much the same thing, how do you choose one over another? Is there really any difference between them? Absolutely!

Details that Make the Difference

Depending on your particular branding and display needs, some retractable banner stands will be more suitable than others in meeting your trade show marketing goals. To help you decide, here are a few of the key differentiators between models.

Hardware Color Options. If your brand has a widely recognizable color scheme — such as Progressive’s classic white and blue, for example, or Harley Davidson’s iconic orange and black — you don’t want your banner stand base or frame color to clash with your carefully color-branded image. While the majority of retractable banner stand hardware is manufactured in silver, you can also find a decent number of alternative models in black or even chrome. And for a small upcharge, you can buy models with brightly colored bases or end caps to complement almost any brand.

Accent your brand’s color palette by adding brightly colored end caps to the QuickScreen 3.

Interchangeable Graphic Cartridges. If you like to change your graphic panel messaging to target different audiences at different shows, but you only want to purchase one hardware unit, a retractable banner stand with interchangeable graphic cartridges is a must. Print as many graphics as you need and keep them safely stored in their own standalone cartridges, then simply swap out the old cartridge with the new one in just a few clicks. Bam! You’ve got a completely different look for your next show.

The Imagine Retractable Banner Stand allows you to change your graphic banner in just a few clicks.

Extra Stability. If you tend to reserve peninsula (end-of-aisle) booths or island exhibits, you run the risk of having your banner stand bumped into or even knocked over by passersby. To prevent that, ask your trade show display vendor to show you all retractable banner stands with stabilizing or swivel feet.

A swivel foot that attaches to the telescoping pole provides extra stability for this oversized MediaScreen 1.

Graphic Quality. Most retractable banner stand graphic panels are printed on either a high-quality, curl-resistant film or a black-backed vinyl — either of which result in crisp, clean, eye-popping images and color. However, if your creative department demands an exact PMS match, some retractables are now available with dye-sublimated graphics.

The MediaScreen XL is available with dye-sub graphics for crisp, sharp images that really pop.

Add-on Accessories. A banner stand can actually do more than just display graphic panels. Some models can be upgraded to function as mini kiosks by attaching clamp-on accessories such as side shelves and literature holders.

The Barracuda Retractable Banner Stand offers an optional side shelf and wire literature holder.

Two-Sided Print Options. Island and peninsula booth displays have no sidewalls, so visitors can approach your exhibit from all sides. For those scenarios, consider a two-sided retractable banner stand to increase visibility and foot traffic.

The SignLine Double Retractable Banner Stand allows passersby to see your message from all sides.

Not all retractable banner stands are the same, but they all have one thing in common: They make your booth look amazing for a minimal expense and without a lot of fuss. Contact us today and let us help you choose the best retractable banner stand to meet all your trade show marketing needs.

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