Create an Immersive Brand Experience With Outdoor Tent Events

Summer is a great time to expose your brand to a whole new customer base. From fairs and festivals to sponsored community events, outdoor promotional spaces can be either drab or fab depending on how they’re designed. Check out these five easy steps to create an immersive outdoor display that wows attendees and drives even more traffic to your booth.

Start with a Branded Outdoor Tent

You may be tempted to purchase a generic “big box” store tent and simply pin your logo to the valance. But for just a few hundred dollars more, you could have a four-sided, full digital-printed tent that truly reflects the look and feel of your brand. Outdoor event tents are available in a variety of sizes, including 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’, to suit your particular display needs.

The Economy 10’x15’ Eclipse Tent features a heavy-duty construction and full digital printing for 360-degree brand recognition.

Add visual depth with a printed backwall, side rails or tent legs.

Just like at an indoor trade show or conference, your goal at an outdoor promotional event is to capture foot traffic and engage prospects by immersing them in your brand. You can do that by adding dramatic graphical layers to your display in the form of backwalls, side rails, or fun, attention-getting tent leg banners. Creating this type of visual depth can help to corral booth visitors in your space and focus their attention exclusively on your particular tent.

The addition of a branded backwall helps to block competitor displays from view while also providing shade and shelter from rain and wind.
Adding graphical side rails to your tent creates additional visual intrigue while also helping you to corral booth attendees into your space.
Easy-care fabric Tent Leg Banners offer additional opportunities for branding with dramatic, full-color dye-sub printing.

Use accessories to create an outdoor “room.”

To create a truly immersive brand experience, your outdoor display needs to feel more like an indoor display. It needs to invite passersby to come in, sit down, and stay a while. To accomplish this, you’ll need to essentially create an outdoor “room.” Below are a few truly innovative booths to inspire your own creativity.

If your outdoor exhibit will be positioned on a solid surface — such as on a concrete or bricked gathering space — try adding trade show-grade flooring to create the illusion of a room. (Photo courtesy of
As you can see from this tent display created by, the addition of sheer curtain panels or ceiling flags can transform an ordinary outdoor display from ho-hum to wow.
In this tent display from SouthwestArtPhotos, an area rug and well-placed wall art serve to create a lush, compelling environment for passersby.

Create a consistently branded space.

As most trade show marketers know, successful exhibits take every opportunity to brand their display space. The secret to good branding often lies in the important little details — like buying logo-imprinted directors chairs instead of generic ones, or like only using your company’s approved branding colors when deciding on furnishings such as tables and chairs, etc.

With this Total Show Outdoor Tent Package, your branding takes center stage. This all-in-one kit features a standard event tent, a sail sign, two director’s chairs, a table throw and a beverage cooler. Each item in the kit can be custom-branded with your particular logo, graphics or colors.

Extend your branding power beyond the tent.

If you’re lucky enough to be a sponsor of a large outdoor event, the event organizer may allow you to install additional promotional pieces at the venue entrance or along the walkways. Strategically placed outdoor flags and banner stands can boost brand awareness and help drive additional traffic to your tent.

The Teardrop Flex Banner Flag stakes into the ground and swivels so it can easily stand up to strong wind and weather. Your branding is viewable from both sides.


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