5 Ways to Get More out of Your Trade Show Display

Trade show displays are an investment. But like all good investments, you can stretch them to fit more than one need to maximize what you spend. We’ve gathered our favorite ways to repurpose trade shows displays so that they go further than the perimeter of you 10×10 booth space.

1. Graphic Swap

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into making your trade show display become a reality. Make it work just as hard as you do. When purchasing a display, consider commissioning multiple graphics. This is especially beneficial to companies that participate in multiple shows or if company branding and messaging is seasonal. Consider a retractable banner stand with an interchangeable cartridge such as the Imagine Banner Stand.


2. Take Them to Not-Trade Shows

Just because you bought your trade show display and accessories for a particular trade show or shows does not mean that is the only place you can use your display. Table throws and banner stands make for great decoration at hosted events such as seminars, luncheons, meetings and presentations.

3. Decorate Your Office

Most trade show exhibitor booth accessory pieces are versatile in use. If your company has invested in kiosks, banner stands or XSnaps, put them up in the lobby or reception area of your business. This creates a unique office or store environment. Bonus: it subtle keeps your branding and company image in front of prospective and current clients and customers.

4. Scatter the pieces

The great thing about XSnap Portable Fabric Displays? You can divvy up the pieces and use them as marketing displays wherever you want, especially if you design it right. It’s also easy to switch out the fabric graphics if you so wish to get a second or third set with different messaging a la TIP #3 above. Bonus: XSnap Portable Fabric Displays can grow with you. It’s easy to expand from a 3×3 display to a 4×4 display.

xpu-op-xsnap 3x3 kit a

5. Use It!

Your trade show displays shouldn’t be one hit wonders. After your trade show, do not pack away your display and forget about it for months or even years. Put that baby to work! In tandem with this tip, we also recommend investing in a trade show display that comes with a good warranty. So many times we’ve encountered exhibitors that didn’t get as much longevity as they should have out of display simply because the hardware was not covered under a warranty. The bumps and bruises of trade show exhibiting will be less painful with a good warranty.

Have you repurposed your trade show displays in a unique way? We want to hear about it! Leave your tips to get more out of your trade show display in the comments below.

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