5 Ways XSnap Portable Fabric Displays Can Liven Up Your Trade Show Booth

Looking to breathe some new life into that old trade show display? You don’t have to start all over from scratch. There are plenty of ways to refresh and expand your existing display simply by building on what you already have. In fact, just by adding this one item, you can completely upgrade the look-and-feel of your display.

XSnap Portable Fabric Displays

Boasting a three-dimensional visual effect and interchangeable fabric graphic panels, XSnap displays are instant attention-getters. With the flick of a wrist, the XSnap’s tubular magnetic frame literally snaps into place – much like a push-button umbrella – and it’s ready to go. Lightweight fabric graphic panels attach to the frame with ease, no tools required.

XSnap displays are low-cost, lightweight and portable, and they’re offered in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Best of all, with high-quality dye-sub printing, the fabric panels can be designed any way you like, making XSnap the perfect complement to any display, regardless of your existing design, branding or color scheme.

Product Suggestion: The XSnap 5QX is an immediate attention-getter. Add halogen lights for an even greater visual impact.

Here are five easy ways to incorporate an XSnap fabric display into your trade show booth for optimal visual impact.

#1. XSnap as a Backwall

When first getting started, it’s quite common for businesses to put all of their attention into designing a booth counter, a bannerstand, and hanging signage – and to simply rely on the trade show venue’s standard pipe and drape as a backwall. By replacing your hanging signage with an XSnap display as your backwall, you can add 3D visual intrigue while taking your branding and messaging to a whole new level.

Product Suggestion: The XSnap 4×3 is available in 12 different configurations for optimal flexibility and creativity in design.

#2. XSnap as a Presentation Tool

Put your backwall to work as a pre-sales tool by adding an XSnap Projector Kit. With this kit, you can stream product demonstrations, customer testimonials or other promotional video right inside your XSnap using a built-in projection screen.

Product Suggestion: The XSnap Projector Fabric Display allows you to run looping presentations while your sales staff talks with prospects.

#3. XSnap as a Product Display Piece

If your company specializes in small consumer-oriented items such as electronics, hand-milled soaps, collectibles, etc., you’ll likely want to put a few pieces out on display in your booth. XSnap displays are easily outfitted with either straight or circular-shaped shelves – creating even more visual depth in your display design.

Product Suggestion: With XSnap accessories like product shelving, you can add even more dimensional intrigue to your display.

#4. XSnap as a Light-Based Focal Point

In a previous blog, we explored the science and psychology around lighting and how it affects consumer behavior. By incorporating an XSnap with LED light box into your booth display, you can harness the power of light to focus booth visitors’ attention on exactly what you want them to see. (Pro tip: The more contrast you provide in the color of the surrounding fabric panels, the more dramatic the effect.)

Product Suggestion: With an Xpressions Light Box add-on, you can positively influence the behavior and attention of booth visitors.

#5. XSnap as a Tabletop Display or Banner Stand

As a trade show marketer, you want to take advantage of every bit of square footage in your booth. Bare backwalls or side walls are valuable real estate that you could be leveraging to help market your products or services to passersby. XSnap banner stands and tabletop displays can help to fill those empty spaces, and when displayed en masse, they provide a powerful branding experience.

Product Suggestion: Use the XSnap 1×3 configuration to create a three-dimensional banner stand, or try the 2×2 layout for a stunning tabletop display.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade and expand an existing display or you’re just starting out, XSnap portable fabric displays are an inexpensive, flexible, hassle-free and visually enchanting way to go. Contact the trade show marketing experts at EXHIB-IT! for a free consultation on how to incorporate this 3D dynamo into your exhibit.

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