Fall in Love with FabLite Fabric Trade Show Displays

Lightweight and versatile, FabLite fabric displays can outfit practically your entire booth for a fraction of the cost of a traditional custom modular display. And the best part? They look amazing! In fact, for eye-popping visual impact at a modest price, FabLite displays offer trade show exhibitors one sweetheart of a deal.

Why We’re Passionate about FabLite

FabLite is a special line of fabric displays (sometimes called tension fabric displays) that combines flexible tube-frame structures with stretchy fabric “pillowcase” pullovers. Those fabric pullovers are custom-printed with your own graphics using a dye-sublimation printing process for a brilliant, true-color rendering.

In the past, manufacturers have relied on materials like plastic, aluminum composite and vinyl laminate to design and build trade show exhibits. But with frequent or heavy use, these materials are too often torn, creased, scuffed or broken during shipping, setup or teardown.

Fabric displays, on the other hand, are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and even washable!

But durability is only part of the reason why we love them. FabLite displays boast an impressive list of additional features to ensure that every fabric display is unique, low-maintenance and eye-catching.

  1. Design Innovation

To set your brand apart from all the rest, FabLite displays are offered in a variety of shapes. Backwalls, for example, can be designed with a traditional “flat” top or with a variety of fun curvy options, including a horizontal curve, a vertical curve, a concave curve, or a convex curve. Likewise, kiosks are available with a flat top, a tombstone top, or a stylish knife top.


This 10′ FabLite Portable Custom Pillowcase Display features a dual-curved backwall and a knife-top kiosk.

  1. Product Range

With FabLite, the possibilities truly are endless. In today’s market, there are a wide range of fabric-based display products to choose from, including:

  • Banner Stands
  • 10’ and 20’ backwalls
  • A/V kiosks
  • Tablet stands
  • Counters
  • Tabletop displays
  • Hanging/overhead signs
  1. Ease of Setup

Setting up a FabLite fabric display is quick and easy. No tools are required. All you have to do is snap the tube frames together, then slip the pillowcase graphic down over the frame and zip it closed. It’s just that easy!

In fact, one person can set up a single FabLite fabric display in under three minutes, as you can see from this video:

  1. Portability

Made of a lightweight polyester blend, FabLite fabric graphic panels are as easy to fold as a bedsheet — and take up about the same amount of space. The frame tubes are manufactured in short-length, easy-to-handle sections and are 100% USA Made too. As a result, most displays can fit inside a single 42″ x 26″ x 22″ storage case.

  1. Room to Grow

One of the greatest benefits of a FabLite fabric display is that it’s modular and individual components can be added or removed to meet your changing needs. For example, a 10-foot display that was originally comprised of 3 or 4 main components can be easily augmented with the addition of just 3 or 4 new, matching components for use in a 20-foot booth.


For ultimate flexibility, this 20′ FabLite Custom Multi-Layered Exhibit can be broken down for use in a 10-foot booth.

  1. Add-on Options

By default, the FabLite backwall, banner stand and kiosk graphics are printed on the front side of the fabric, and then black fabric is used on the back for opacity. However, they can also be printed double-sided for 360-degree viewing, which is particularly helpful if you have an island exhibit or if your booth is located at the end of an aisle.

In addition, a premium counter conversion kit can turn your shipping case into a reception counter.

  1. Lifetime Guarantee

FabLite tube frames are so sturdy that the manufacturer guarantees them for a lifetime of use against manufacturing and materials defects.

PRO TIP: Design with Layers in Mind to Bring Out the “WOW” in Your Display

FabLite’s vibrant, dye-sublimated graphics are photorealistic and are sure to stand out from across the trade show floor, but to create an even stronger visual impact, our clients like to “layer” different pieces, one in front of the other. Worried you might not have enough room? Don’t. As the example below shows, this layering technique works even in the smallest of spaces.


This 10′ FabLite Multi-Layered Pillowcase Display features: (1) a backwall, (2) an A/V kiosk with keyboard workspace, (3) a tablet stand and (4) a reception counter — all complementing each other visually and fitting nicely into a standard 10’x10’ booth.

Whatever your budget, booth size or branding needs, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at FabLite fabric trade show displays. Contact an EXHIB-IT! trade show marketing expert today to explore your options.

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