5 Best Green Booth Displays of All Time

Looking for green trade show booth design inspiration? Look no further. In this photo essay, we’ll explore our top five all-time favorites.

Ten years ago, few could have predicted the massive wave of innovation that would sweep across the trade show industry as a result of the Green Movement. Back then, eco-friendly exhibits were a hard sell for trade show display companies, with most customers complaining that “green” displays were unattractive, unaffordable and off-brand.

But early pioneers persisted, replacing conventional trade show building materials with more sustainable, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable sources — and developing some really imaginative booth designs in the process.

Today, the possibilities for green trade show exhibits are practically endless. Here are just five of our all-time favorite eco-green booth designs.

1: Nature’s Path Foods

Winner of Exhibitor magazine’s Gold Award for Green Exhibits in 2016, the Nature’s Path island exhibit boasts a head-turning design with high visibility across the trade show floor. The playful wooden staircase leading to the upper level is sure to bring out the inner child in all of us.

Booth design by RUF Project, fabrication by Pinnacle Exhibits

2: The Honest Company, Inc.

With its wooden walls, windows, open roof, and a faux front yard, The Honest Company’s house-like trade show exhibit is far from ordinary. Inside, brightly colored hutches and shadow boxes display product samples, while cozy seating areas invite booth visitors to take five.

Booth design by Sarah Won of The Honest Company, Inc. Fabrication by Studio Concepts, Inc.

3: Kohler®

Nestled inside a recycled, reclaimed shipping container — complete with original dents! — Kohler’s (literally) green booth absolutely pops with color and brilliant lighting. One-of-a-kind bathtub seating and device charging stations help to lure curious passersby.

Photos courtesy Design Milk

4: Columbia Sportswear Company

Not all eco-friendly trade show booths have to be green or brown in color. This exhibit from Columbia uses bold, contrasting blues and reds to depict hot and cold temperatures. We love the 3D-like backwall display elements and the larger-than-life lighted signage.

Booth design by Green Space Group

5: Bridgelux, Inc

Need a more classic or high-tech look? The Bridgelux exhibit utilizes a classic, open-air island floorplan that’s still environmentally conscious. The exhibit incorporates an ingenious vintage guitar display to showcase their LED lighting products, as well as interactive media.

bridgeluxBooth design by Green Space Group

Ready to get started designing your own custom eco-green trade show booth? Contact the trade show specialists at EXHIB-IT! to discover the possibilities.

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