How to Use Portable Trade Show Kiosks to Capture More Prospects

How many prospects are you losing because your booth staffers are too busy working with other visitors? An exhibitor normally has less than 60 seconds to attract a passerby into his/her booth, and if your sales staff isn’t immediately available to make a connection, that visitor will likely move on. But while you might not have the luxury of hiring additional sales staff for your next trade show, there is an alternative and affordable way to hold a prospect’s attention until your salespeople can break free.


Enter the portable kiosk. This lightweight, standalone exhibit accessory is an amazing pre-sell tool with the power to attract, intrigue, educate and engage prospects while at the same time — and perhaps more importantly — keeping them from walking away.

Here we discuss the top four ways to incorporate a portable trade show kiosk into your exhibit and how your sales staff can utilize this powerful little workhorse to capture more prospects.

Kiosks for Product Display

If your company sells small merchandise items — such as high-tech devices, fashion accessories or home décor — a colorful kiosk placed near the aisle can be a great way to visually introduce booth visitors to your products. The kiosk provides a way for prospects to experience your products up close while also getting a feel for your brand. Displaying multiple products en masse (such as in the example below) creates a sense of intrigue by enveloping or surrounding passersby with your products.

Suggested Item: 79” Interactive DesignLine Kiosk

Kiosks for Multimedia Presentations

If you’re a B2B company offering services or solutions rather than actual physical products, a streaming infomercial or multimedia presentation might be your best bet. Despite being both lightweight and portable, many kiosk models are sturdy enough to hold computer monitors or flat screen TVs. You can use this space to educate prospects by running video case studies, customer testimonials or even a personal message from the CEO. At the end of the presentation, be sure to offer prospects an actionable next step — such as moving on to your interactive workstation kiosk.

Suggested Item: 91” AV DesignLine Kiosk

Kiosks as Interactive Workstations

Whether you’re in the consumer space or the B2B space, designing your kiosk as an interactive workstation can definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line, but in order for your workstation to pack a real punch, it needs to be truly interactive and unique (i.e., something that an average visitor to your website would not be able to access).  One suggestion might be to have your developers create a brand new touchscreen app (for trade shows only) that dynamically generates unique service assessments or product recommendations based on input from prospects — most likely, via a series of simple survey questions. Kiosks that hold tablets, iPads and other electronic devices can be used to deliver custom solutions on-the-fly, thus serving as a handy pre-sell tool. At the end of the assessment, be sure your app directs prospects to the sales desk kiosk for an actual cost estimate from a member of your sales team.

AV Interactive Workstation Kiosk
Suggested Item: 71” AV Interactive Workstation Kiosk

Kiosks as Sales Desks or Mini-Counters

Kiosks that function as sales desks or mini-counters provide essential workspace areas for booth staffers. Many models offer a lockable storage area as well as counter space for computers or tablets, which can be handy in looking up inventory or creating sales contracts or proposals. Having these types of spaces allows your sales staff the opportunity to pair off with prospects and close the sale in a somewhat more private environment.


Suggested Item: 52” AV DesignLine Workstation Kiosk

Next Steps

When incorporated into your exhibit in a well-branded and visually intriguing way, portable trade show kiosks can help you catch and hold onto prospects that might have otherwise wandered away due to lack of engagement. Here at EXHIB-IT!, we offer all of the kiosk models pictured in this blog, along with quite a few more, like these:

Be sure to browse our complete line of kiosks and media stands on, and get started putting your kiosk to work for you.

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