The 6 Best CRM Apps for Your Business

Guest Blogger: Jessica Kane

The efficient, effective, and comprehensive management of your clients or customers is a fundamental objective for any business. This is the case whether you are a small business owner, a team member of a larger enterprise, or hold a position that necessitates this type of management.

There are customer relations management (CRM) apps that can make your life far easier. These applications can do everything from listing customers or people you know, to conversations that have occurred, to deals or sales closed. There is a broad spectrum of CRM apps available on the market today. These range from basic derivations, to others that provide more complex operations. There are CRM apps available at no cost, and others that are quite pricey. And no matter which you choose, you’ll be able to keep track of and win clients, even on the go. Here are six of the best CRM apps around.

Google Contacts

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Upon first blush, when you see Google Contacts on this list you may scratch your head. You may wonder whether something as simple and ubiquitous as Google Contacts really does belong on a list of the best CRM apps. In the final analysis, Google Contacts deserves to be on any list of the best CRM apps.

Google Contacts is available to you at no cost. You likely already have access to it on your computer, laptop, or mobile device, including your smartphone. Yes, Google Contacts is an address book. However, it is also much, much more. With the capabilities of Google Contacts, you can literally store and maintain any type of information you may desire about your contacts, customers, or clients.



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Highrise is another of the best CRM apps available to you today. Highrise gets high marks because of its comprehensive nature and easy to navigate user interface. Highrise presents a full range of data about a contact, client, or customer of one easy to ready page. Detailed information can be accessed via links directly from the basic, essential data page.

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Highrise is an affordable option. Keep in mind that prices associated with these applications to vary. Two users can access Highrise at no charge. Additional users can be added at a cost of about $4 per month.


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CleverTim is considered one of the best CRM apps on the market because of its quick glance feature. The quick glance feature permits you the ability to pull up a master list of contacts, clients, or customers. Next to each contact is a succinct and yet thorough with a summary of a contact’s data. In other words, you do not need to pull up a contact’s entire page or file to pull out the essential data you are most likely to need with regularity.

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Clevertim is another affordable option. Like Highrise, the first two users can access the application at no cost. Additional users can be added for about $4 monthly. There’s even an App version!


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Insightly provides you with more customer relations management tools than is the case with many other options available today. An example of added features available with Insightly is that the app automatically will find a contact’s social network profiles, LinkedIn information, and so forth, when that person is added into the app.

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With Insightly, you get three users at no cost. Additional users can be added at the rate of about $9 a month.


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Vtiger is marketed as a CRM app that “does it all.” In this regard, Vtiger not only efficiently manages contacts, but also assists in finding leads and closing sales. In addition, Vtiger comes complete with a range of tools that allow for collaboration between your team members.

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Vtiger is relatively more expensive than some other CRM apps. However, it does offer a user a broad range of tools and resources that render the pricing reasonable. You can access the basic version of Vtiger for $10 a month. You can obtain the ultimate plan for $25 a month. This pricing is for each user accessing the application.


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Another of the best CRM applications available today is OnePageCRM. OnePageCRM garners top marks by combining simplicity with comprehensive tools. One of the reasons OnePageCRM consistently scores well with users is its ability to dynamically load contacts, clients, and customers in the order they need contacted.


OnePageCRM is moderately priced when contrasted with other offerings. The app can be obtained for about $12 a month per user.


With a little homework, including reviewing this article on the best CRM apps, you will be able to access an application that best meets your needs, goals, and objectives. You will be able to identify an app that fits within your budget. What CRM tool does your company use? We’d love to hear what works best for you, comment below!



This is not a promotional post; we do not get any kick-back for promoting these services.

Jessica Kane writes for Advance Online, a leading provider of web-based OSHA, DOT and HAZWOPER training.


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