Suffering from Island Exhibit Anxiety? This All-in-One System Makes It Easy to Design and Go!

As your company grows, so does your trade show exhibit. In your quest to succeed at trade shows, you will need an exhibit that really stands out with great signage. There is no need to stress about your island (and non-island) booth space – we have the perfect solution for you!


Architectural Appeal

The VersaWall Display structures have a unique appeal. Whether you like curved or flat graphic walls, both can define your exhibit space and create inviting selling environments.

The dramatic elegance draws attendees into your booth space with floor-to-ceiling graphics. Attractive visual effects can be easily achieved by simply stacking frames up to 16 feet tall. VersaWall Systems are cost effective for branding in a conference room, theatre set up, or demonstration and storage areas within larger exhibit spaces. The propriety extrusion hardware system is lightweight and slim, and yet robust enough to support high tech electronics such as flat screen monitors, merchandise, and computers.

Design Flexibility


Whether you want to rent or purchase, the VersaWall System is capable of accomplishing a wide variety of designs for your immediate and your future growth needs. The walls are easily reconfigured to adapt to different space sizes. In addition, the VersaWall System has extrusions that are engineered to integrate with other Nomadic Display systems – so you benefit from the ability to upgrade and/or re-purpose your investment with a variety of enhancements anytime.

Graphic Versatility

Whether you like rigid panels or silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG), you have the freedom of choice based on your individual event demands. The walls accommodate overhead lighting for single-sided or double-sided applications and single-sided LED back lighting. 


The SEG graphics wrap around corners and conceal the structure beneath to deliver 360° of uninterrupted imagery. These SEG fabrics are custom-tailored and are both compact and lightweight, producing the best fit and finish. With no profile between panels like other wall systems, rigid panels appear seamless. Your graphic panels simply mount flush with one another.

Swift, Tool-Free Assembly

The unique quick cams are pre-installed in frames to allow for a faster set up and take down. Also, there are no loose parts to lose. All you have to do is just twist to draw side-by-side frames together and lock them. Printed fabrics are packed in the crate in a separate zip lock bag with a set of white cotton gloves to prevent soiling the graphic during installation.

Lower Operational Costs

For lower storage, freight and trade show drayage costs, choose knock down frames that are packed to ship compact. You could also choose pre-assembled frames to reduce Installation and Dismantle time on the show floor.

Made in the USA

The VersaWall is manufactured using eco-friendly practices to produce and deliver display solutions to our customers. Our state-of-the art dye sub printing process uses water based inks that eliminate the release of hazardous solvents. Our aluminum structures are made of the finest quality and feature 80% post-consumer recycled content. All of our aluminum display structures and rotationally molded shipping cases are 100% recyclable.

Lifetime Warranty

The VersaWall frames are covered for lifetime of ownership. Should your aluminum structure fail to function due to defective workmanship or materials, EXHIB-IT! will repair or replace it free-of-charge for ownership life.




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