6 Reasons Why Retractable Banner Stands Solve Your Display Problems

Over the years, our customers have come to us with literally dozens of trade show display issues they’re looking to resolve. In nearly every case, a retractable banner stand is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution.

Retractable banner stands are the workhorses of any trade show booth. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, yet sturdy enough to last for years. And because the graphic banner panels retract back into the base, there are fewer moving parts to keep track of.

Here are just a few of the display problems that retractable banner stands can solve.

Problem #1

“We’re a really small company and there are only two of us available to attend trade shows. We just don’t have time to assemble and tear down a complicated display.”


Retractable banner stands can be set up by one person in under a minute. In addition, each one usually comes with its own carrying case, making transport from the hotel to the convention center a snap.



Problem #2

“Our marketing message changes depending on which trade show we’re attending.”


Banner stands with interchangeable graphic cartridges — such as the Imagine, the M2, or the MediaScreen 4 – can provide the flexibility you need. Print as many graphics as you want and keep them safely stored in their own standalone cartridges, then take only the ones you need to your next trade show.



Problem #3

“Sometimes I need a tabletop banner; other times I need a freestanding banner.”


A banner stand with a telescopic pole, such as the Barracuda or the MediaScreen 1, can work in either situation, easily adjusting from as low as 30” all the way up to 94” in height.

Pro Tip: Design the top half of your banner graphic as a fully functional standalone advertisement so that your banner stand will look great whether it’s viewed at the full-sized, freestanding height or the shorter, tabletop height (with the bottom graphical section hidden inside the cartridge).




“What about the times when our banner stand isn’t on display? We’re worried about shipping costs, storage costs, and the potential for damage during travel.”


Because of their light weight, retractable banner stands are just about the most inexpensive type of display you can ship. Special shipping cases like this one allow you to ship the frame and graphics in one case, while protecting your investment. These cases double as storage containers, too, for times when your banner stand is not in use. Additionally, most retractable banner stands come with a carry case included! There’s really no need to pay for expensive warehouse storage.



“We’re a startup and don’t have much of a budget for trade show displays.”


Banner stands that can be dual-purposed will offer startups and small businesses the greatest return on investment. Take the SilverStep banner stand product line, for example. SilverStep banner stands are available in a variety of sizes. The narrowest size, for example, measures 24”x69”, making it ideal for multi-purposing as an office lobby banner when it’s not being used at a trade show. The largest size measures 60”x92” high, so in addition to serving as a banner stand, it can easily double as a display back wall or even as a step-and-repeat media wall.

SilverStep Banner Stand Sizes



“We want a cohesive, powerful branding tool for our booth, but so many of these banner stands all look the same.”


The most widely-known brands design their trade show displays in such a way that even If their company logos were not visible, passerby would still be able to identify the exhibit based on the brand’s particular style, including font types, recurring graphic design themes, and consistent use of color. Colored end caps like the ones available on the QuickScreen 3 banner stand can mean the difference between a banner that looks just like everyone else’s and a banner that fully supports and reinforces your brand.

Accion Sunport PNM NM True Banner Stands


As you can see, no matter what the challenge, retractable banner stands can offer a quick, affordable solution while still providing your booth with the high-quality, graphical impact you desire.

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