3 Must-Own Fabric Displays That Are Perfect for Your Next Trade Show

Fabrimural XSnap and VBurst Displays

It can be hard picking the perfect fabric display for your next trade show. When you’re in the market for a new exhibit display, there are a lot of questions to answer. How big is the display and will it fit in your space? Are you getting the right quality for your investment? Where is the display best used and when do you use it? Why is one display better than another?

When it comes to purchasing a new display, especially the higher-quality, larger displays, you need to be able to answer all these questions. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve done all the research, tested the products, and answered your questions. Here are the top three, must-own fabric displays for your business.


3foot wide fabrimural fabric display
Sizes range from table-top to full-height, and from 3′ wide up to 10’+ wide. Photo via Nomadic Display

FabriMural Displays combine the amazing portability of a standard, panel pop up display, with the seamless look of a large, fully dye-sub fabric graphic. With brightly printed fabric panels already attached to the hardware frame, you just have pop it open at your next show or event and you’re ready to go.

How big is the FabriMural Display?

The FabriMural display comes in various sizes. The table-top version is 1’D x 5.3’W x 5.3’H (2×2 quads). If you’re looking for a full-height floor display, the FabriMural ranges from 3’, 5’, and 8’ wide. They can be single-side (with or without endcaps) or double-sided. The FabriMural display includes hard cases that can be converted into counters and accessories such as lights and mounting hardware.

Who should buy/use a FabriMural Display?

If your business is just starting out or if your company is beginning to test attending trade shows, banner stands and smaller displays are your best option. However, if you are looking to upgrade your display, move to a larger booth size, or want to create spaces within your booth while still staying portable, then FabriMural Displays are a great option. This display is better suited for companies that have a larger budget (starts around $1,000+) and want to invest their money in higher-quality displays that have a seamless look.

Where should your company use the FabriMural Display?

The FabriMural fabric display can be used in almost any space. For offices, the 3’ display is perfect for information stations in your company’s lobby. At an event, the 5’ and 8’ wide displays are great as backdrops or step-and-repeats. At trade shows, the FabriMural can work in multiple booth sizes, ranging from your 6’ space to your 20’x20’ Island booths. Because of the easy pop up frame and continuous fabric graphic, you can create huge graphic backwalls, information towers (double sided with endcaps), or even section off your space using multiple sizes in tandem with each other.

When should you use the FabriMural Display?

Does your product, logo, or marketing have a lot of color and great graphics? Does your message have text that shouldn’t be separated by seams? Are you going to a show or event that needs a stunning backdrop to help your company stand out? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then the FabriMural display should be your top choice.

When your company has the time, a labor crew, and larger budgets for trade shows, modular displays are the way to go for high-impact displays. Unfortunately, most small and mid-sized businesses can’t afford those expenses. That’s where the FabriMural really starts to outshine the competition. They’re fully portable (packing into 1-2 rollable cases each) and set up within minutes.


Why is the FabriMural fabric display better than other types of displays?

Unlike most displays, it has one of the industry’s leading hardware warranties. Over the years, we’ve seen some crazy damage done to displays – the kind where we scratch our heads and ask ourselves “How did they even do this?” Damage happens, though. It could be from wear-and-tear, untrained staff or labor, shipping, storage, etc. Most displays, however, don’t have great warranties or repair policies. The FabriMural has one of the best. Because it is manufactured by Nomadic, it has their Lifetime “No Questions Asked” Warranty. If you know your staff/shipping is rough on your displays, the warranty for this display will save you a lot of money in repairs and replacements.

Besides the amazing warranty, the FabriMural is a high-quality fabric display. The color and clarity on the graphics are better than your lower-end fabric displays. The graphics won’t stretch out and sag after only a few uses. And there aren’t any seams or gaps between words or images – it’s one, seamless, graphic from end to end.

2 – XSNAP 

Snap your fingers! That’s how quickly and easily you can set up an XSnap freestanding or table top display. frame allows you to easily change graphics and accessories, giving you a new and updated display any time you need it. The XSnap is a stunning 3-Dimensional display with two planes for integrated graphics and endless configurations.

What sizes and shapes are available for the XSnap Display?

There are over 10 different XSnap shapes and sizes that range from table top to freestanding. You can also connect and combine frames to create a versatile display to fit any space.

NM Piñon Coffee’s display is made up of five 1×3 XSnap frames, with connecting panels to create this massive 20’ display

When set up, they can be up to 10’ wide, but when collapsed, as small as 2.5’ long. Most hard cases can fit 3-4 frames with room for extra graphics, marketing materials, shelves, and lights. The majority of frames weigh less than 10lbs.

With so many options, it can feel overwhelming when thinking about designing graphics for a display like the XSnap. Don’t let that deter you from getting one! Check out this article: 3 Ways to Design a Display That Will attract Your Audience.

Who should buy/use an XSnap Display?

If your company needs versatility, room to grow your display, wants a cool 3D effect, or wants the capability to easily change out graphics, than the XSnap fabric display is your best choice.

This display is ideal for companies that don’t want the hassle of setting up a complicated display. XSnap displays – no matter how large – can be set up by just one person. The graphics stay attached to the frame the entire time, so set up is as simple as taking the display out of the case, opening it up, and adding the accessories.

They are great for companies just starting out and looking to gradually grow their display. You can start with a single 1×3 frame (think banner stand size), and add on with additional frames and graphics as you attend more shows and grow your business.

Where and when should your company use the XSnap fabric display?

The XSnap is ideal for trade shows and brick-and-mortar shops. As your show space grows, your display can easily grow with it. It’s a great way to display product, awards, books, prototypes, and marketing materials. They are perfect for trade shows that center on product testing and selling. Additionally, because of their ease, they are perfect for quick shows and trips where you don’t want to worry about shipping or set-up. We love using our 5QX XSnap for Job Fairs and networking events. It always stands out and grabs attention.

Why is the XSnap fabric display better than other types of displays?

The XSnap is designed to reduce the stress of business owners in the midst of hectic trade show atmospheres. The XSnap display’s frame is lightweight and portable, and no tools are required for setup. It sets up in less time, with less effort, than a majority of your panel pop up displays or modular displays. It has a unique and versatile 3D frame and graphics that helps it stand out from the noise of trade shows. The XSnap can evolve along with your company, without compromising on look or quality. Better yet, they are eco-friendly and have a great hardware warranty. And finally, it is one of the easiest displays to have when you need to update or change out your graphics.



The VBurst pop up fabric display is different from the majority of your other fabric displays for one particular reason: It can be backlit, giving your colorful graphics even MORE definition and brilliance. Backlit graphics are becoming a highly sought-after display world-wide. One of the biggest trends at EuroShop 2017 was bright, colorful, backlit displays. And with the VBurst, your company doesn’t have to break the bank to get one. With a VBurst fabric pop up display, you can arrive at your event, set up, and be ready for clients in a matter of minutes.

What sizes and shapes are available for the VBurst Display?

Yearbook Partners’ backlit VBurst display really make their graphics stand out and shine

VBurst backlit fabric displays are freestanding floor displays that come in 8’ and 10’ widths, and be either flat or curved. They are just over 7’ tall and 12” deep. The frame is made out of a lightweight aluminum. When combined with the graphics, the whole display weighs less than 25lbs.

Backlighting kit includes lights and fabric back wall with adjustable feet for quick-and-easy setup with a Velcro® attached graphic, and a hard case-to-counter conversion kit.

The LED lights and white backer allow for light to be evenly dispersed behind the graphic, so you don’t have “light pools” distorting the graphic.

Who should buy/use a VBurst Display?

VBurst backlit displays are great for companies wanting to stay on-trend with their trade show displays. Backlit and LED lighting are taking over the trade show industry and will continue to gain popularity. This display is great for businesses that regularly have 10’ booth spaces or need backwalls. They can be pricier ($1,600+) than your standard pop up display, so the VBurst Backlit is better for companies that attend multiple shows a year and recognize the value of the investment. This display is portable and can be set up with just 1-2 people. If you don’t want to worry about shipping or labor, no matter the size of your display, check out this article.

Where and when should your company use the VBurst fabric display?

The VBurst backlit display should be primarily used at trade shows, in booth spaces 8’ wide or larger with electrical hookups. They are great when you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up your display. With a VBurst display, you can arrive at your event, set up, and be ready for clients in a matter of minutes. During take down, the VBurst graphic remains on its aluminum frame during storage and shipping. They are also great for product launches or parties. The backlit graphics truly stand out in dimmer lighting for a great effect.

Why is the VBurst fabric display better than other types of displays?

Unlike standard fabric displays, the VBurst truly stands out against the competition because of its superior backlit technology. The 4K dye-sub printing, combined with the equal light displacement creates a high-end display that doesn’t destroy your marketing budget. VBurst displays are perfect for job fairs, trade shows, press conferences, special events, and more. With the VBurst backlit fabric display, your exhibit will no longer be your biggest worry at a trade show or event.


With so many different trade show and event displays out there, it’s hard to find the right one for your business. The FabriMural, XSnap, and VBurst are three of the best portable fabric displays you can choose. They are easy to set up, require zero tools, and all fit into easily-shipped cases. The graphics stay on the display for hassle-free set-up and take-down, and can be replaced or changed without having to purchase an entirely new display. When looking for a new fabric display, look no further than these three must-own displays.

Do you have additional questions about these and other displays? Make sure to comment and we’ll be happy to help!


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