Top 5 Ways to Be an Environmentally-Conscious Exhibitor

Many factors go into planning for a trade show appearance. Some of these include the location, cost to exhibit, demographic of the audience, and your display. Other factors should be the projected ROI and how you’re going to measure it, as well as the logistics required to simply get there in the first place. But don’t forget about the eco-friendly nature of exhibiting when planning where to be this trade show season. There are some simple ways to become an environmentally-conscience exhibitor and doing so gives you one more feather in the proverbial hat of a company consumers want to work with.

1. Booth Material

The physical exhibit is an investment; one you would hope to reuse multiple times for numerous venues and purposes. You can also choose to rent a display thereby reusing the materials. Some of our displays are modular allowing you to customize your needs for each show using only the materials that will fill the space. Using environmentally-friendly products such as aluminum, bamboo, cork, or organic fabrics leaves a smaller impact on the planet too. In addition, use lighter weight products to reduce shipping costs thus minimizing your carbon footprint.

2. Keep the Voltage Low

Use energy efficient light bulbs in your lighting displays, or better yet use LEDs like in our selection of Trade Show and Retail Lighting. You can also opt to go solar for your energy needs or do away with additional lighting altogether.led-lightbulb-LTG-LC-SL-646

3. Stay Close to Home

Trade show costs add up and even compound the further from your homebase you need to travel. There are costs of flights for you and your crew to far flung locations that pack a wallop when it comes to fuel use and your carbon footprint. In addition, the cost of shipping your exhibit display and any peripheral materials can be astronomical to your bottom line ROI as well as to the environment. Remember to use lightweight materials if in fact you do need to travel to garner the greatest amount of qualified leads. You could also consider renting as much material as possible at the location of the trade show thereby reducing your costs and your environmental impact.

4. Ditch Printed Handouts – Go Digital

How many times have you had a customer contact you following a trade show and reference a pamphlet as the prompt to do so? Anyone? No? Well you clearly aren’t alone. Most paraphernalia gets tossed shortly after a trade show or months down the road when conducting office clean up parties. Try a better way and use tablet computers at your booth to capture email addresses of interested consumers and automatically send them the product or service information via that new email subscription. You are helping the environment by not printing material that will just end up in a landfill while simultaneously creating a way to stay top of mind through relevant, useful emails once in awhile to a prime prospect.

If you must print items, do so on recyclable materials or eco-friendly swag such as stainless steel water bottles or reusable canvas tote bags.

5. Follow-Up in Their In-box, Not Their Mailbox

Similar idea as using tablets to present product information; go digital with your follow-up. All those leads garnered during the effort of a tradeshow should not go to waste! You must follow-up with them, and what better way to do so than mailing them a flyer with next month’s specials? Well, a better more eco-friendly way would be to email them next month’s specials. Ditch the printed materials, save the stamps, and conduct robust and useful follow-ups tailored to each individual lead delivered in record time and customized to the individual.

This is just a sampling of eco-conscious ideas to green your trade show participation. Remember to be thinking about materials, carbon footprint, and new ways to use technology to be environmentally conscious and follow-up with all those warm leads.

Do you have some ideas on how to be environmentally-conscious when exhibiting? Leave a comment below.


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