Inflatable Event Tents Gaining Popularity in the US

If you think all outdoor display options are pretty much the same, you probably haven’t seen the X-GLOO. Fresh out of Europe and quickly gaining popularity in the US, the X-GLOO inflatable event tent is a lightweight, eye-catching hybrid that’s part gazebo, part tent, and part custom modular display.

Offering full-surface dye sublimation printing and ranging in size from 13’x13’ all the way up to a whopping 26’x26’, the X-GLOO is an automatic head-turner at both outdoor and indoor events.


With Add-on Elements, the Sky’s the Limit

Possibly the most impressive feature of the X-GLOO is how easy it is to configure a custom layout. By using special add-on pieces — easily connected to the main unit via heavy-duty zippers — each X-GLOO display can have a truly one-of-a-kind design. Simply mix-and-match various add-on sections and zip them together to create your own unique look.

For example, tunnel pieces can be used to connect multiple “x” units together, and canopies, roofs and sidewalls are also interchangeable. In addition, the sidewalls themselves are offered in a variety of options: There are standard walls, mesh walls, walls with windows, and walls with entrances.


Why “Inflatable” Doesn’t Have to Mean Flimsy

Granted, the word “inflatable” may give rise to concerns around both the stability and longevity of this kind of display. However, the makers of X-GLOO have you covered in both areas. Inserted into the 4 legs of the “x” frame are tubes that store the air bladders and keep them out of harm’s way to prevent accidental puncture.

The air bladders themselves are easily inflated using either a standard hand pump (included with each purchase) or an electric air pump. The inflation valves on the inflatable tubes are equipped with a check function to prevent air from escaping, a protective cover to keep out dirt and debris, and a safety mechanism to prevent over-inflation.

The X-GLOO can stay inflated for days with no need to re-inflate.


Certified Stable … Even in Rough Weather

Expecting windy weather? The X-GLOO is constructed of heavy-duty material and each model carries a Wind Resistance Certificate. In addition, a variety of methods and accessories are available for ensuring stability, including water- or sand-filled ballasts and tent anchor sets.

Setup and Portability

The X-GLOO setup instructions are fairly straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, the manufacturer video suggests that the smallest model can be set up in as little as 5 minutes by just one person. Of course, depending on what size tent you order and how complex your custom configuration is, it might be preferable to have 2 or 3 people working in tandem.

Once set up, the X-GLOO tents are lightweight and easy to move around as necessary, and a transport bag makes it simple to pack, stow and travel with your tent.

Not Just for Outdoor Use

Sporting lightweight portability and printing/branding opportunities across 100% of its surfaces, the X-GLOO is quickly gaining notoriety as an indoor display alternative, particularly for island or peninsula exhibits.

The icing on the cake is the optional LED lighting kit, which aligns perfectly with the curved tubes at the top of the “x” frame to illuminate the entire tent. This is a particularly nice feature, especially when using the tent in an indoor environment where additional lighting is desirable.


Looking for a sturdy outdoor display presence for your business? EXHIB-IT! offers a full line of promotional outdoor tents, gazebos, and custom-printed banners and flags.

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