Trade Show Management: How Hiring a Show Manager Can Save You Headache, Hassle and Time

ducks exhibit

You’ve chosen the show to exhibit at based on the potential ROI. You’ve ordered your custom graphics and trade show display. You’ve created a timeline for travel, navigating the trade show area only to realize you need to add more time just to set-up your booth. Hiring a trade show manager can help alleviate the added stress of booth set-up and take down. This allows you to focus on preparing for and interacting with potential clients.

You could have your display delivered to you, and then need to figure out how to store it properly. If you choose to participate in events away from your home area then you’ll need to ship your display. Which shipping service should you use? Which one is best for your area and will they handle your trade show accessories and display properly?

When you arrive at a show, how much extra time do you need to budget in order to receive, transport and set-up your display? This is valuable time you could be spending interacting with other exhibitors or early customers.

You’ve now spent a full show putting forth maximum effort to garner new clients. You’ve shared your business with event-goers, handed out paraphernalia and are now looking at your trade show display which has to be cleaned and stored properly so it is ready to set-up for the next show. Better save some steam to complete this task!

Spend your time and efforts on nurturing new clients and allow a trade show management service to do all the behind-the-scenes management of your trade show booth.


You could hire a Trade Show Management Service to help accomplish some or all of the behind-the-scenes tasks associated with participating at exhibitions. Your efforts are then focused solely on networking with your new potential clients.

Trade show managers can set-up, take down and store your displays. In addition, our experts can even ship, store, and repair your display. The team at EXHIB-IT! has been providing expert services in trade show marketing for over a decade, so we know the ins and outs of exhibiting. Our experienced logistics team has ongoing conversations with many shipping companies to negotiate and make sure you get the lowest shipping costs possible.

Because the team at EXHIB-IT! has so much experience, we also have extensive knowledge of shipping locations and show regulations. This means we know which companies are best to use in different regions of the country. We are familiar with many national locations of trade shows, so we know the best times and places for shipment of your trade show display unit.

Trade show management services can cover all the details you may not even know exist. Take for instance this partial list from the General Services Contractor category of event staff from They say that duties can include inspecting the site, preparing versions of the booth and set-up, managing receiving and unpacking, set-up and take-down and packing and shipping, storage of shipping material during the show, placing informational materials throughout and helping connect to wi-fi or other internet capabilities to name a few. If this sounds like more than you want to handle, then hiring trade show management services will provide a positive ROI.

Let us show you how we can assist your business and ensure you have ample time to network and grow your bottom line. Contact EXHIB-IT! today.

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