Dazzle Trade Show Prospects with Next-Gen LED Technology

When it comes to trade show innovation, few industries can rival the mind-blowing advances made by the LED market over the last five years. Truth is, LED technology is no longer merely a solution for lighting or signage. It has quickly morphed into something much bigger and more powerful: An essential content delivery platform for serious trade show exhibitors.

3D LED Video Walls

Provide trade show attendees with a simple set of 3D glasses, and watch your exhibit become a virtual reality magnet to prospective clients from across the room. 3D LED video walls allow attendees to view your product in full 3-dimensional depth as it rotates, hovers and spins. Interactive capabilities can also be programmed to showcase various options and upsells, such as different colors, custom add-on components, and more.

Emily Richards of Haverford Systems explains the benefits of the HavaVision3D LED Display.

3D LED large-format display systems like the one featured above are proving to be far superior to standard 3D projection because:

  • Viewers of 3D LED tend not to experience 3D vertigo syndrome (the nausea that often occurs when watching 3D projectors).
  • 3D content can be delivered deep out into the audience, while 3D projectors have only a limited reach.
  • 3D LED technology has better focus, is much brighter than 3D projection, and offers a higher contrast ratio.
  • 3D LED presentations need no projection distance or projection room; they only require a few feet of depth, including the LED structure itself.

Don’t have the budget for a 40-foot video wall purchase? No worries. They can be built to fit display booths as small as 20’x20’ and can be rented for up to 3 days at a time.

Interactive LED Flooring 

Too often seen as merely an entertaining dance party accessory, interactive LED flooring offers a surprising format for customer education, particularly in the trade show industry. Take this application, for example, where a pharmaceutical company developed an entire quiz game using an interactive LED floor coupled with a responsive LED monitor.

This interactive LED floor-controlled quiz game (developed by BrightLogic) helped educate trade show attendees about a new pharmaceutical product.

LED Touch Screens

For businesses that carry a broad product line or provide high-tech services, an interactive, touch-screen LED display can function as an extra digital salesperson on the show floor, allowing prospective clients to:

  • take a deep dive into product specifications,
  • perform side-by-side comparisons,
  • learn about optional features,
  • view photos of actual product installations or case studies,
  • and more.
Using an LED multi-zone touch video screen, attendees can easily obtain information about your products and services.

Immersive LED Video Displays

From an exhibit design standpoint, LED video can be made more intriguing by building your display AROUND it and creating a more immersive environment to captivate passersby. Through the use of playful, free-flowing architectural elements – used in exhibits like this one (recently designed for Novartis by PixelFLEX) – LED video can actually become an integral part of the exhibit structure itself, rather than just appearing as a ho-hum, standalone, wall-mounted screen.

Photo courtesy of PixelFLEX.

360-Degree LED Video Kiosks

Offering internal digital media players, the ability to stream live Internet feeds, and built-in Ethernet connections, LED video kiosks boast across-the-room visibility as well as remote, off-site programming control.

In addition, products like these offered by Dynascan feature a patented spinning LED technology, which displays full-motion, true-color video with a pixel pitch of only 2 mm. As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each individual pixel at a precise location within 1/100th degree accuracy. The result is a picture-perfect image with unsurpassed high brightness and high resolution. 

Photo courtesy of Dynascan.

To LiFi and Beyond

Where will LED technology take us next? In a previous blog, we explored how LED technology is changing the way businesses stream online content and access cloud data via what’s known as “LiFi.” And we’re fairly certain this revolutionary new tech will make its way to the trade show floor. Beyond that is anybody’s guess, but with LED, the possibilities seem endless.

Next Steps

Ready to embrace the latest LED technology and become the envy of your trade show competitors? At EXHIB-IT!, we’re here to support your creative vision. Let’s talk!

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