Gain Metrics and Insight through Your Trade Show Flooring

Great trade show and event flooring can do a lot. It can complement a design, set a stage, promote a brand, and even help draw people into your space. And now, thanks to new cutting-edge technology and innovation, your flooring can do even more!

The new Brumark Sensor Floor powered by Sencorables uses unique, patented sensor technology to provide real-time data on the presence, exact location, movement, direction, and dwell time of people in an exhibit or event space. You can use these metrics to gain insight into how your exhibit space is used.


For example, you can use the metrics to measure traffic patterns and assess the layout of your display to pinpoint areas where you can improve traffic flow or attendee engagement. Or you can analyze how long people spend in front of a product display or video monitor to measure interest and look for ways to increase engagement.

How it Works

Brumark Sensor Floor is made of a double layer of postindustrial polypropylene with incorporated force sensors. It’s simple and is quick and easy to install, with no special tools required. It’s also easy to transport and store, making it a great option for busy exhibitors!

You can view the metrics on your computer or mobile device in real-time if you want to measure results during a trade show or event, or review and analyze the information later after your event or show is over for post-show metrics.


Gather Information Without Compromising Design

Brumark Sensor Floor can be installed under almost any type of trade show flooring, including vinyl flooring, carpet and carpet tiles. This gives you an unobtrusive way to collect real-time metrics organically, without affecting the aesthetics of your trade show display.


Plus, Brumark Sensor Floor is fire-retardant; resistant to water, moisture, mold, fungus and mildew; in addition to being non-allergenic, odor and VOC-free. Even better, it is made in the USA!

So why not put your flooring to work for you? Contact us to learn more about how this innovative flooring solution can provide you with valuable metrics and insight about your trade show marketing efforts.

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