Electronic Form Apps Help Offer Incentives, Conduct Surveys, Capture Leads at Trade Shows

Exhibiting at trade shows is intended to increase the number of warm leads for your product or service or even close sales on the show floor. Audiences typically attend shows they are already interested in. The opportunity is ripe for gathering contact information in order to follow up with prospects as you guide them through the sales funnel. In order to do this efficiently, however, there are some tools that are much better than paper and pens.

Handwriting vs. Typed Text

Have you ever worked a booth at a weekend-long show only to spend the next week deciphering handwriting, manually inputting names and email addresses into your CRM, only to have a very low ROI for your time and resources spent? There are a pile of apps geared directly toward trade show exhibitors that streamline the contact information gathering and exporting process all while making it easier for your potential customers to provide their data.

Basics of Trade Show Apps

Trade show apps should fulfill a few basic tenets.

  • Be effortless to setup and use
  • Allow for branding and design element control
  • Be available for offline use while at the show
  • Offer fun, interactive alternatives to typical surveys in order to engage your audience

Top 3 Apps for Trade Show Lead Capture

There are a number of apps that fulfill most or all of these requirements. In no particular order:

harvest-your-dataHarvest Your Data claims to help keep contacts in order as well as identify sales opportunities. It is available as an offline data collection meaning limited to no wi-fi at the next show is no problem. You can use it on Android and Apple devices and run surveys allowing for customers to navigate a familiar interface.

icaptureYou can use the iCapture app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices to capture new leads. It was built as a system for lead captures, business card and trade show badge scanning, email list building, lead scoring, and drawings and giveaways. This app allows you to create questionnaires capturing the most pertinent information from potential customers. It also integrates with most email and CRM systems so the data you gather does not go unused.


quick-tap-surveyAnother leading app is QuickTapSurvey. It is customizable with your branding on the questionnaires and surveys. It can also be an engaging tool to capture data. QuickTapSurvey allows you to conduct quizzes to test the knowledge of your survey takers creating an even more in-depth profile of them. Pre-configured emails can be sent immediately allowing for a fresh response or a promised promotional item or coupon. You can also create games as part of the survey further enhancing the interactivity of event-goers.


Spending the time and effort to attend a trade show and then walking away with a fishbowl full of business cards, can be frustrating to say the least. A bit of planning and familiarization with the latest tech tools available at your fingertips can increase your customer base while allowing you to spend even more time speaking with potential customers about your product or service. These are just a sampling of the available apps built to capture customer data. Download one and try it out, or find one that fits your business needs even better.

Used one of these apps or another with success? Share your story below.

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