EXHIB-IT! Heading to Düsseldorf for EuroShop

In March 2017, my sales team and I will depart for Düsseldorf, Germany, to attend EuroShop, the world’s #1 retail trade fair, and we can’t wait!

EuroShop is a worldwide expo event not to be missed. In response to developments in our industry, this show has transformed itself for 2017 by fully embracing innovation and technology.


EuroShop 2017
(Photo courtesy of EuroShop)


Replacing their old four-sector structure, the show’s organizers have come up with a new theme for this year’s event — “All Dimensions of Success” — which highlights the latest trends and developments in seven different retail marketing areas, including:

  1. POP Marketing — Displays, outdoor communication and signage for both indoors and outdoors; what’s new and what’s changing.
  2. Expo and Event Marketing — Brand communication, communication design, event technology and retail software will be displayed with the hottest topics and sights set firmly on what is futuristic.
  3. Retail Technology — eCommerce, payment systems, retail software and POS technology information will be available from retail technology pros.
  4. Lighting — A dimension illuminated by unlimited possibilities; stagings that are groundbreaking, emotional, energy-efficient and aesthetic.
  5. Visual Merchandising — Display mannequins and store and window decorations to shore POS experiences.
  6. Shop Fitting and Store Design — Architecture, fixtures and equipment, materials and surfaces, along with store planning space for creative interiors and international high-end retail designs.
  7. Food Tech and Energy Management — From energy control and building automation to refrigeration units and technology, key dimensions will be displayed for cooking and baking solutions for both restaurant and retail trade.

Boasting over 200 square meters of exhibition space, the show is expecting more than 109,000 visitors from 110 nations, with 63% of those international visitors. Attendees from all over the globe will descend upon Düsseldorf, all with the same goal: to see what’s trending now, what the future holds, and how the industry is changing.

EuroShop 2017
Over 109,000 people will descend upon Düsseldorf for the 2017 EuroShop expo. (Photo courtesy of EuroShop)

Having been in the exhibit business industry for over 24 years now, I realize the importance of staying up-to-date on industry trends so that my company can maintain its status as a premier trade show innovator in the United States. One of the things I love most about this business is having the opportunity to serve as a valued resource for businesses, educating business owners and C-suite executives on innovative ways to grow their businesses.

Here at EXHIB-IT!, we take the time to understand your brand, and we share the same passion for success as you do. We create compelling visuals for our customers’ events that connect with their audience and the people and organizations that can make a meaningful difference in their success.

This is why I continually invest in traveling to shows like EuroShop so that we can continue to learn and grow for our customers. We know that technology is changing the world, and we want to be part of that change.

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