7 Frequently Asked Questions about Trade Show Ready Kits


In a hurry to get to your next trade show? A fabric display trade show ready kit may be just what you need. Bursting with full-color graphics and a 3D-like presentation, XSNAP fabric displays are lightweight, portable, versatile, and inexpensive. Best of all, they’re FAST. (Setup and tear-down takes less than a minute.)

Trade show ready kits provide everything you need to display your brand and message in an attractive and appealing way, including a high-impact back wall or tabletop display plus a storage case that converts to a trade show counter or podium with the use of a wraparound fabric graphic.

Made of lightweight frames that literally pop up and open (sort of like an umbrella) and covered with dye sublimated fabric graphic panels called “skins,” XSNAP pop up displays provide an amazing amount of visual bang for the buck.


Not sure if an XSNAP display is right for your brand? Here are some common questions that our sales team gets asked on a regular basis.

Branding is really important to my company. How do I know if an XSNAP display will work with our particular brand and design?

Most trade show design companies offer a downloadable graphic design template free of charge. (On the EXHIB-IT! website, you’ll find them under the Templates/Specs tab on pretty much any product page.) Just give the template to your graphic designer and let them work their magic. Or, if you don’t have a graphic designer, your trade show design firm can provide mockups for a nominal fee.

I don’t want my booth to look like everyone else’s. Is there some way I can give my trade show ready kit a more customized look?

Absolutely! There are lots of add-ons available to make your display unique and innovative, including:

  • LED Light Boxes – Depending on the mode that you buy, you can insert an LED light box snugly behind any 1×1 square, then just position your regular fabric graphic over top. You can place light boxes behind as many squares as you like.


  • Shelves – Available for certain XSNAP models, attachable shelves create 3D visual interest, allowing you to display actual products or accent pieces that invite booth visitors to come closer.
  • Halogen Lights – Small but powerful, halogen lights easily clip onto your XSNAP frame and can be positioned to shine anywhere on your display to highlight your message.
  • Workstations – A portable workstation is not only attractive, but functional, too. Use it as a way to look up product inventory or stream a looping presentation.


Can I change the graphics, or am I stuck with just the one design?

Yes, you can change the graphics. If you think you might want to stress a different marketing message at different shows, it’s a good idea to order alternate or spare skins with different graphics or text on them. Also, in some cases, you can reposition existing skins to different locations on your frame; however, the individual skin types (twists, flats, or threads) must remain the same (i.e., a “twist” panel can’t be used to replace a “flat” panel).

Our company is trying to be environmentally responsible. Do these come in an eco-friendly version?

Yes. Upon request, the graphic panels for XSNAP displays can be printed to a material composed 88% of recycled soda bottles. These “green” skins are completely recyclable. Just ask your trade show design company about this option.

I’ve heard that these XSNAPs can be set up in under a minute. Is that true?

You bet! Believe it or not, the frame itself can be opened and set in position in less than 10 seconds. (Watch this demo video to see how it’s done.) To save even more time, you can safely store your XSNAP frame with all of the graphic panels (skins) attached; the skins will not be damaged in any way.

XSnap Setup Video

Can I use my XSNAP display outdoors?

Yes, but the frame should be weighted down to keep it from blowing over. You can secure it in place by using sandbags or even landscape anchor pins.

My company is planning to attend several different events this year, but we weren’t able to reserve the same size booth at each event. What can we do to make sure our display looks good in any size booth?

In situations like this, you’ll need a collection of separate, complementary components that can easily be added to or removed from your display as the situation dictates. For companies wanting to combine a fabric display with modular versatility, my advice would be to purchase two different trade show ready kits with matching elements of differing heights.

Here’s a good example. Combine the following elements to create a versatile display that can expand to fit your needs:

(1) XSNAP 2×2 Kit A – This kit comes with a full-graphic XSNAP fabric pop up tabletop display (shown as the center item in the photo below).

(2) XSNAP 1×3 Kit C – Two of these kits will provide you with two tall XSNAP 1×3 fabric displays that function like banner stands (shown to the left and right in the photo below). Place these on either side of your tabletop display and – SNAP! – you’ve got a long back wall to fill in those larger booth spaces.

(3) X-Counter — Add a matching fabric-wrap counter that can be used as a literature holder or as a workstation for your sales team. (This item is shown in the foreground in the photo below.)

(4) Perma Logo Table Throw — Choose the Convert-a-Throw upgrade feature, and you’ll have a custom-printed table throw that easily expands from 6 feet long to 8 feet long to accommodate either table size.


By combining these 5 elements together, the visual interest of your display will be greatly improved … plus you’ll have all the flexibility you need to accommodate different exhibit booth sizes and venues.


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