Why Modular Trade Show Displays Are the Ideal Solution for High-Tech, Multimedia Exhibits


If you’d like to integrate more technology into your trade show booth, but you don’t quite have the budget for a custom exhibit, a modular display may be the perfect solution. Over the last 18 months, exhibit design trends point to custom modular displays packed with lots of multimedia bells and whistles. These flexible, tech-ready displays allow businesses to set up visually engaging, digitally interactive booths at significantly less than the cost of a custom display.


As you can see from the example above, many modular display packages now come standard with:

  • Built-in A/V workstations with keyboard counter space
  • Integrated, lockable iPad and tablet holders
  • Sturdy mounts for widescreen TVs
  • Portable kiosks for computer monitors

Top Reasons to Love Modular Displays for Tech-Heavy Exhibits

Want to know why modular trade show displays are the best option for multimedia exhibits? That’s easy!

  • Seamless Tech Integration.  In years past, if you wanted to add a big-screen TV to your exhibit, you had to cobble something together on your own and it just never quite blended in with the rest of your beautifully branded display. With the new generation of modular displays, however, your multimedia components are seamless integrated and built right into your back wall and counter design. Modular components are being designed with technology display options in mind from the get-go, so multimedia is no longer an afterthought in the overall exhibit design process.


  • Scalability.  Another reason to love modular displays is that they’re made up of interchangeable components that can be moved about and placed in different configurations from one show to the next. They are totally reconfigurable, so if you need to fill a 20-foot booth tomorrow and a 10-foot booth next week, you already have everything you need to work in either booth space. Take a look at the example below showing how the modular components for a 20- or 30-foot inline booth can be downsized to fit a 10-foot booth.


  • All-Inclusive. With the exception of conference tables and chairs, most modular display packages come with everything you need to put together a well-outfitted, well-branded trade show booth. Just add your own custom graphics and you’re good to go!
  • Easy of Assembly. Unlike custom exhibits, modular displays do not require an approved labor source and can be easily assembled by your sales team in a matter of minutes.
  • Low Shipping Costs. Modular displays weigh about 60% less than custom displays, so shipping costs are less. Small traveling cases can usually be purchased to protect items from damage during transport. And depending on the size and weight, you may even be able to fit your display items into the back of an SUV or check them as baggage with the airline.
  • More for Your Money. Due to the scalability, flexibility, and multiple reconfiguration options, investing in a modular display is like getting two or three exhibits for the price of one.

The Finishing Touch: Best Accessories for Multimedia Exhibits

Freestanding and standalone accessories make it possible to place multimedia devices and screens in strategic locations around your booth. Combine these with a tech-enabled modular back wall and you’ve got the makings of a truly mesmerizing multimedia exhibit:

For an extra high-tech touch, consider wearable tech – like LED Name Badges or Video Name Badges – for your sales team.

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