Top Brand Management Tools You Need to Know About

October 6, 2016

Branding, Design

When a start-up finally hits its stride, exponential growth can be a major thrill ride, but too often, the company’s branding message gets watered down and lost in the translation.


You work your growth plan for 18 long months, and then suddenly one day — bang! — your business finally takes off and shifts into high gear. The sales people are hitting their numbers and life is good. You hire more marketing folks. You re-tool your website. You open secondary office locations in other cities. Now we’re talking!

Exponential growth like that can be a major thrill ride, but too often, with so many new hires coming on board and so many changes throughout the organization, your branding message gets watered down and its execution gets lost in the translation.

If this is where you are, then now would be a good time to consider incorporating a brand management tool into your marketing strategy.

Not convinced? In a recent article published on LinkedIn, Denise Mc Auliffe, marketing executive at The Pudding, a Dublin-based branding agency, explained that to determine whether you need a brand management tool, all you need to do is ask yourself 6 simple questions:

  1. Are there different teams within your organization creating conflicting and non-consistent messages?
  1. Do you spend too much time trying to locate the brand assets you need (e.g., photos, logos, fonts)?
  1. Are your brand assets being stored on a number of different platforms, increasing resource costs?
  1. Are any of your team members or stakeholders confused about your brand and its guidelines?
  1. Is your brand communication and marketing campaign development process painfully slow?
  1. Do your customers have a different experience with your brand every time they come into contact with it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then today’s blog post is meant just for you.

Why “DAM” Should Be Your New Favorite Word

Brand management software helps to ensure that no matter how many offices or employees you have, your brand will be presented in a consistent manner across all media. With the help of either self-hosted or web/cloud-based DAM (digital asset management) solutions, staffers can log on from anywhere around the globe and immediately gain access to your latest branding style guides, approved logo usage guidelines, copywriting best practices, usage rights, company-approved logos, PMS colors, fonts, and more.

Besides digital asset management, many of the more robust brand management tools also offer a few nifty software extras, such as:

  • campaign approval process control
  • artwork automation
  • change management / version control
  • fulfillment distribution
  • multi-format output
  • project workflow tools
  • image/asset search functionality
  • user-defined permissions

So which DAM is right for you? The nice folks at Capterra recently published a full rundown of top contenders in this space, complete with user reviews and a side-by-side comparison tool.

But in case you’re short on time, here are our top three recommendations:

  1. IntelligenceBank DAM
    Best Local/Network Installed Software (Windows or Mac)

    If you have an ample IT staff and you like the control of hosting your own software, IntelligenceBank offers a free trial plus multiple options for training, support, and deployment. It earned 5 out of 5 stars from user reviews.

    Sample User Comment: “We are a regional airline with offices throughout Asia Pacific. Our biggest challenge has been to share creative work across different offices, and also to educate our team on how to communicate our brand. IntelligenceBank has customizable brand pages which help us educate and collaborate on our brand.”

  2. Brandfolder
    Best Cloud/SaaS/Web-Based Software

    If a hosted solution sounds better for you, Brandfolder also earned 5 out of 5 stars and offers multiple options for training, support, and deployment.

    Sample User Comment: “As a growing company with an ever-evolving brand, we need a single source of truth for logos, images, videos, sales collateral and other shared assets. Brandfolder is our go-to asset management system for internal and external use.”

  3. Widen Collective
    Best Mobile-Based Software

    If mobile access to your brand management software is important, Widen Collective, a hosted solution, can be accessed via the iOS platform. It offers a free trial plus multiple options for training and support.

    Sample User Comment: “I’ve been starting to use their mobile app more and more. Not only is it great for time when you’re out of the office, but I can’t count the number of times during in-office meetings its searchability functions have come through to quickly provide help/reference.”

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