Custom-Design Your Trade Show Counter for Ultimate Style and Functionality


After spending many hours designing your media wall, trade show literature, and multiple banner stands, you may be tempted to just slap a logo on your trade show counter and call it a day. Like most things in life, however, the value is in the details.

Portable counters have become essential “must-have” items for good-looking trade show booths. Much like your conference table and chairs, the display counter provides your sales team an alternative area in which to qualify prospects, while also visually reinforcing your brand identity for onlookers in the aisle.

Selecting and designing an exhibit counter may look uninterestingly simple, but before choosing one particular type or style, you should carefully consider two things: (1) desired functionality and (2) design style.


When designing a trade show booth, it’s important to determine in advance exactly how your counter will be utilized. Talk with your trade show sales staff and find out what kinds of functionality they would like to see in a new display. Often, they will suggest the following needs:

A Need for Additional Counter Space
If part of your sales process involves showing product catalogs, swatch samples or price books to prospective clients, and if your booth is only large enough for one conference table, a trade show counter could easily become your sales personnel’s best friend.

Product Suggestion:
The Xpressions SELECT eco-friendly trade show kit includes a roomy branded display counter that doubles as a shipping case.

A Need for Private Storage Space
With thousands of trade show visitors – including your competitors – flooding in from all directions, it’s all too easy for private items to just mysteriously “walk away” from your display booth. Pop up display counters, however, can help alleviate that problem by providing storage shelves inside the counter.

Product Suggestion: The Expand PodiumCase offers a full-color, fabric graphic on the outside plus four handy, adjustable storage shelves on the inside. Or, if you prefer a locking storage reception counter, check out our Flex Counters or Laminate Platinum Reception Counters.

A Need for More Seating
Pair an extra-large trade show counter with 3 or 4 barstools and some refreshments and you’ve got an inviting space for prospects to rest their weary feet while your top salesperson captures their information for follow-up later.


Product Suggestion: The Expand PodiumCase XL provides a roomy, 7-foot horizontal space on which to offer food/beverage sampling or product demonstrations. The counter’s overhanging lip allows plenty of room for barstools to be cozied up alongside.


When designing the graphics for a custom display counter, it’s essential that you first try to envision all of your trade show elements together. If you have a graphic designer, they can easily create some pretty realistic mockups of your booth layout for you. If not, there are a handful of 3D trade show booth layout software products available online (including a few free ones), that you might try. Some exhibit suppliers even offer their own in-house booth design software to customers.

If possible and if time permits, try several different approaches on paper first. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started:





An exhibit counter is one of your most important booth accessories. When designing your trade show booth, be sure to devote an ample amount of time to determine the desired functionality and style of your counter. Your sales team will thank you for it.

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