Supercharge Your Retail or Trade Show Space with Backlit Light Box Signs

Like moths drawn to a flame, we humans find certain types of light irresistible.  A brilliant, twinkling fireworks display … a warm, glowing fireplace … a full moon reflecting off the surface of a calm lake. But what exactly is it about light that attracts us? And how can you harness the power of that attraction to supercharge your retail or trade show space?


As it turns out, human brains are wired — just as strongly as moths or plants — to seek the light. In a 2004 issue of Implications newsletter, the human behavior research experts at InformeDesign revealed that:

  • When given a choice between two paths, with the lighting on one path brighter than the other, the majority of people (75%) will follow the brighter path.
  • Increasing the amount of contrast between an object and its surrounding environment will cause people to focus their attention on the lighted object.
  • When given a choice, people prefer to face walls that are illuminated, rather than sitting or standing with their backs to the light.
  • In a nutshell, lighting affects where and how people position themselves in a room.

Armed with a little bit of the science behind lighting and its effect on human behavior, you can see how adding a few well-placed lighted elements to your retail or trade show space can help to improve traffic flow and focus visual attention where you want it.

For this task, nothing is more effective than high-impact backlit light box signs. In today’s blog, we’ll explore how and where to use these types of signs to supercharge your environment for optimal customer interaction.

Countertop Displays

Use countertop backlit signs to draw attention to special offers, customer incentives, or discounts at a retail store checkout or a trade show counter. They also work well when placed at the hostess station in restaurants, promoting limited-time menu items.

Product Suggestion: Our 18.5”x17” Elliptical Snapframe light box is the perfect size to graphically display special, time-sensitive content.

Pedestal Displays

Positioning pedestal light boxes next to showroom or trade show product displays is an effective way to highlight product features and benefits, particularly high-tech gadget displays. They can also be used to provide informative content or ad messaging when positioned along queue lines, such as in an airport or a bank.

Product Suggestion: Our Euro Light-up Pedestal Display boasts a sleek, elegant design.

Freestanding Displays

Freestanding backlit lightbox signs offer sharp, larger-than-life graphics for an unforgettably brilliant display. Available in double-sided models, they work best when positioned in the aisle immediately outside your store or booth entryway, serving as an invitation for customers to step inside. Because the graphics are printed on both sides, passersby from both directions can easily view your message.

Product Suggestion: Our Double-Sided Light Box comes standard in a 24”x36” size, but it can be special-ordered at up to 96” tall for even greater impact.

Hanging Displays

To attract attention in a crowded venue like a shopping mall or a convention center, sometimes up is the only way to go. Hanging backlit signs from the ceiling or against the wall is a great way to elevate your message so it can be seen from far away. For maximum visual impact, try grouping several signs together to form a collage.

Product Suggestion: Our Ultrathin Lightboxes are lightweight, modular and interlocking, so you can create the perfectly balanced group wall display with very little effort.

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