5 Innovative Uses for Portable Conference Rooms

For companies in the B2B space, portable conference rooms have long been valued as an effective sales tool. At a trade show, being able to whisk a hot prospect into a private, enclosed space to negotiate partnership terms, volume discounts, or reseller price breaks can mean the difference between closing a deal at a fair price TODAY versus having to try to out-bid your competition later.

With wraparound graphics that provide 360-degree brand visibility, a sturdy but lightweight frame, and tool-free setup, a portable or modular conference room can be the B2B exhibitor’s most versatile accessory.
But despite the many advantages that portable conference rooms provide, many businesses prefer to simply rent these items rather than buying them because the perception is that they are only going to be used 2 or 3 times per year.

However, portable conference rooms are not just limited to B2B trade show venues. Below are some innovative ways that businesses are using modular conference rooms year-round.

After reading this list, you may just decide that buying is a smarter investment for your company than renting.

  1. Job Fairs – If your company’s HR personnel attend a lot of job fairs, a small 7’x10’ portable conference room provides a convenient, confidential area for interviewing or even testing prospective job candidates right on the spot. After the job fair, employers can continue to utilize these rooms back at the home office, where they can be used to show training videos or new-hire presentations to new employees.


  2. Automotive Lots – With the massive proliferation of huge outdoor auto malls and RV lots, the last thing a salesperson wants is to have to hike a quarter of a mile back to the main office to run a potential buyer’s credit report. With a laptop and a portable conference room, however, dealers can set up satellite finance offices at different locations on the lot, within easy walking distance for both the consumer and the sales staff. They can also be used at car and RV shows as a space to pre-qualify prospects for financing, thus speeding up the sales process.
  3. Health Fairs – Whether you’re advertising an introductory 10-minute deep-tissue massage or a quick, 5-point health checkup, being able to offer your services in a private “room” can make visitors to your health fair booth feel more at ease … and more likely to sign up for your demo or trial service.


  4. Corporate Retreats and Seminars – While large hotels can provide all of the seating, multimedia equipment, and food needed for corporate gatherings, they can fall short in situations where you might want to split the audience into several breakout groups – say, for team building exercises. Portable conference rooms offer a convenient way for individual teams to collaborate, while still keeping all personnel in the same auditorium and within earshot of the event speaker or coach.
  5. Branch Offices – While the office at corporate headquarters always seems to have ample conference and board rooms, your company’s branch and satellite offices are usually smaller, and meeting spaces are at a premium. How many times have you scheduled a specific room for your weekly staff meeting, only to discover when you got there that the previous group’s meeting had run long, and the room was still occupied? Modular offices provide the perfect solution to ease an expanding company’s growing pains.

Need help? The trade show marketing experts at EXHIB-IT! will listen carefully to your needs and then guide you to the perfect solution to suit both your budget and your brand. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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