How to Attract New Customers with Outdoor Flags

If you think feather flags are just for sandwich shops, cell phone stores, and hair salons, think again. Since their introduction to the market some 35 years ago, outdoor feather flags and feather banners have received a much-needed upgrade in stature, now gracing even the most upscale institutions, events, and gatherings.

Available in a variety of shapes and heights, feather banners are fantastic eye-catchers, providing a large, fluttering, graphic presence for your brand and making it much easier for first-time visitors to find your office or shop. Banners with scissor-stand bases are unexpectedly sturdy, even in strong wind – but if you have weather concerns, you might look into banner stands with a spike base, which can be staked into the ground for additional stability.

In addition to the more common “SALE” or “HERE WE ARE” type banner messaging, businesses are using feather flags in a variety of unique and creative ways to enhance both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Here’s a handy list of a few innovative ways to use feather banners that you may not have previously considered:

  • Extend Your Indoor Décor: From small cafés with patio dining areas to beachside hotels with swim-up bars, feather banners offer patron-based businesses an easy way to expand their interior design and décor to the outdoors, effectively enveloping customers within a consistent atmosphere and ambience. As an added bonus, a group of well-designed feather banners can also be arranged to hide unsightly nearby structures from view, thus preserving the mood and tone that you have established for your customers.


  • Saturate the Visual Space: Similar to techniques used by flower gardeners, planting promo flags en masse tends to produce a more dramatic visual effect. The trick is to make sure that all flags are exactly the same. That way, patrons won’t feel the need to try to read and process each and every banner.



  • Enhance an Upscale Brand: When used correctly, large feather flags have the ability to set the tone for your brand in ways that simple hanging banners could never accomplish. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a row of 30 or 40 tastefully designed feather banners lining the parkway that leads to your office building?


  • Use Them Indoors, Too: Because of their height and vibrant graphics, large feather flags can make it easier for prospective customers to find you anywhere – even indoors. Use them to help your company stand out at large trade shows, business conferences, and other indoor events.



Whether you choose the teardrop or the classic bow shape, we think you’ll agree that feather flags are a fantastic tool for enhancing the marketing and/or décor strategy of almost any business. If you’re looking for a lightweight, versatile, inexpensive way to complement your brand efforts, feather banners are definitely worth a look.


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