Insanely Easy Truss Displays

Elegant lines. Dramatic curves. Sleek, contemporary styling. These terms could easily be used to describe a new luxury car, but we’re actually talking about portable truss displays.

Truth is, in the trade show world, sporting a well-done truss display is a lot like parking a Maserati in your driveway. Passersby just can’t help but stop and stare.

Unlike the Maserati—with its dizzying array of high-tech gadgets and a whopping, 200+ page owner’s manual—the new truss display kits are insanely easy to operate. And today, we’re going to take one out for a spin.

Why Go Truss?

Truss displays have the unique ability to transform a bland booth space into a striking, open-air multimedia room that literally reaches out to visitors, inviting them into your world without making them feel fenced in. With curvy side walls and arching, bridge-like headers, trade show truss introduce a level of fluid sophistication that traditional straight-line back walls and banner stands simply can’t convey.

But don’t take that curvy elegance as a sign of weakness. For an exhibitor who’s looking to add LED/LCD monitors, plasma screens, product shelving, or custom lighting to his booth, truss systems are definitely the way to go because they provide a sturdy, stable framework on which to mount heavy items.

aura-truss-displayHere at EXHIB-IT!, we love truss displays primarily because they allow exhibitors to continue to use their existing display elements, like banners and booth furnishings. There’s no need to start all over from scratch. The truss display hardware comes in a variety of colors to match your existing look-and-feel, and side panels can easily accommodate your existing banner graphics.

Available in single-level for standard booth spaces or double deck exhibit configurations for island exhibits, our trade show truss systems also offer:

  • Lots of room for graphics and branding
  • Mix-and-match sections, decks, stairs, and bridges
  • Pre-engineered compatibility to meet most convention center requirements


Two Thumbs Up for Flexibility and Ease of Use

Whether you choose lightweight aluminum or traditional steel framework, you’ll enjoy simple, tool-less, twist-lock construction and twist-knob connectors—making setup, assembly, and tear-down insanely easy. Plus, you can easily add and remove truss sections to suit your needs. Add more sections for larger booths, or streamline your display with fewer sections for smaller spaces. You’re in control!

When the show is over, truss system components collapse and fold flat, making shipping and storage a breeze.

The Bottom Line

In short, if you’re looking to upgrade your display with an entirely new level of branding and visibility, while still being able to use and re-use many of your existing exhibit materials, truss displays can be a wise investment.

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