Table Top Displays Even Martha Stewart Would Love

Let’s be honest. Many of us have island exhibit taste, but we’re stuck working within a table top budget, which can make it difficult to design a trade show booth that stands out from the crowd.

Difficult… but not impossible.

With the right graphic display as your centerpiece, combined with a side order of tasteful accessories, you can turn the tables on your competition and serve up a heaping bowl of distinction for your brand at the same time.

For the exhibitor on a tight budget who doesn’t want to look like everyone else, we recommend tension fabric table top display kits. These kits set up in less than a minute and provide a large, high-impact graphic for your table top at a reasonable price.


A Recipe for Table Top Success

One thing that makes a fabric-based table top display so appetizing for exhibitors is the variety of frame shapes and graphic perspectives available. Since the frames are made of aluminum tubing, manufacturers are able to shape them in unusual, graceful ways to add drama and visual interest to exhibitor table tops. Convex, concave, and wavy or curvy frame shapes lend an almost three-dimensional quality to your signage.

Lightweight and portable, fabric table top displays feature push-button, snap-together frames for quick-and-easy setup, plus dye-sublimated pillowcase graphics for full-color branding. The graphic fabric slips over the frame, much like a pillowcase, and gets zipped into place, hiding the frame. And because the fabric is stretched tight, there’s no wrinkling or sagging to worry about. (Be sure to watch our video to see how easy they are to set up.)

curved-tabletop-displaySuggestions for Improving Your Table Top Spread

Most of our table top display kits come with their own lighting, so you might be tempted to stop there. But by adding just a few accessories, you can upgrade your trade show booth from tasteful to tantalizing.

Here are a few essential side options to help round out your display:

  • Full Print Tabletop Throw – This full-color print is sure to draw attention from every angle, and it easily converts from an 8-footer to a 6-footer to fit multiple table sizes.
  • Rollable Flooring – Just roll it out (literally!) for instant custom flooring in seconds; adds warmth and style to any booth.
  • Literature Stands – A must-have accessory for any trade show, literature stands give visitors something to take with them to remember you by after they leave your booth.
  • Counters – Counters are a must for your salespeople because they can store personal items on shelves, out of public view. They also function as an easy way to store carrying bags and other booth travel and storage pieces.


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