Supercharge Your Display with Overhead Structures

At least once a week, my sales team gets asked the question: “I want my display to really rock the house. What can I do to make it different from everyone else’s?”

The answer is easy: Look UP!

Overhead structures, also known as hanging signs or overhead fabric displays, are the perfect complement to any peninsula or island exhibit because they provide 360-degree exposure, making your display visible from practically anywhere on the showroom floor. Inexpensive and affordable, overhead structures draw more attention to your exhibit, making it easier for customers to both find and remember your brand.


The Skinny on Overhead Fabric Structures

Featuring quick, tool-free assembly and a lightweight, push-button frame, an overhead structure can quickly become the frequent exhibitor’s best friend, offering easy setup, tear-down, and portability.

One of the reasons why our hanging fabric displays are so popular is because the banners are printed on dye sublimated tension fabric, allowing for distinctive, full-color branding combined with a nice, tight fit around the framework and no sagging or wrinkles.

Is your company logo extra-wide or oddly shaped? No problem! Overhead structures are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate even the trickiest corporate branding. Some shapes are even offered in a special “tapered” design where the banner is angled downward. This allows customers who are standing directly below your hanging sign or near your exhibit to be able to look up and read your banner more easily.

As an added bonus, our overhead structures are made in the USA, and each frame is covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


Features and Options

With so many shapes, sizes, and extras to choose from, you might have a tough time choosing just one. Here are a few details about each one to help you decide:

  • The circle and tapered circle overhead structure shapes are generally the most popular because they allow for one, continuous message all the way around.
  • The pinwheel shape offers an unusual, eye-catching, contemporary look that dovetails nicely with trendy or techy brands.
  • The rectangle overhead structure shape works well in situations where you have an extra-wide logo (printed on the long sides) coupled with a smaller, graphical element (printed on the short sides).
  • Choose the triangle, square, or tapered square shapes when you need to split up or separate your banner content into separate frames.

Here at EXHIB-IT!, our customers love the optional rotating motors that add movement to your hanging sign, as well as the optional light blockers to prevent glare. Of course, a matching AviatorTM shipping case is also a wise purchase to help with transporting and storing your overhead structure.

Caution: A Word about Event Rules

We love selling overhead structures because of the rave reviews that we get from customers who have purchased them. But before you rush out and order one, be sure to check with your event organizer at your next show to find out about any height display rules that might be in effect for your particular exhibit space. We want you to be happy with your hanging sign purchase and we hope you will be able to use it for many years to come.

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