National Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Accessories – Oh My!

In a world increasingly dominated by bits of data silently streaming through the World Wide Web, there’s one industry that is the NOISE behind business – and that is TRADESHOWS. Step into any convention hall around the globe and the noise of business is deafening. From the hum of forklifts and workers creating a mini-city of exhibits atop a concrete floor to exhibitors demonstrating their latest gadgets, silence is not in the tradeshow lexicon nor has it ever been!pop-up-display-red-3-24-16.jpg

Tradeshows bring together buyers and sellers around the globe to find and deepen business connections, see and introduce new products, develop new distribution channels and partners, recruit talent, research competition, network with peers, gain education, re-charge motivation and more. Perhaps most importantly, expositions help ring the cash register. I find it interesting to note that more than half of business travelers surveyed stated that 5-20% of their company’s new customers were the result of tradeshow participation.

What business today needs most is to enrich relationships, nurture business communities, build commerce and drive growth. In short, there is no better medium to do this than tradeshows.

So, you may be in need of a new tradeshow display or exhibit and not know where to start? It can be overwhelming to know who to trust, what trade show display is best for your company or organization and determining how and when to buy!

How to get started…

Understand your Customer

  1. Customers want to hear about solutions to their problems, not features and benefits of your products and services. Although your products and services may have great features that can solve customer’s problems, your buyers don’t want to translate the features and benefits into possible solutions for their problems. Often, you only have several seconds to explain your offer. Why jump into relating an array of features and benefits when you can use those brief seconds to better understand their needs, determine if you truly have a solution for those needs and then tailor your exhibit design and messaging to specifically address those needs?
  2. Customers want You to hear about THEIR needs and the ways You can satisfy them.Each of your trade show customers has their own needs that differentiates them from some other customer needs. They want to walk a trade show and hear from you how you can help satisfy their personalized needs before they make a decision to trust you.
  3. Customers want to hear how they can get a Return on Investment (ROI) when they buy your products and/or services. Al customers who invest in resources of money, time or efforts will want to be assured of what they will get in return for buying your product or service. How will your product or service make their lives or jobs better? How much time is needed to receive what they want or need from your products and services? How much time will it take for them to see a return of investment from your products and services? These are the kinds of questions that your attendee will look to you for answers.
  4. Customers want to hear about other Customers who your business has helped in the past.This is a time for you to shine if you can relate brief stories about other customer’s needs and the solution that your business provided to solve those needs or problems. Describe and show the experience of other customer’s experiences with your business, and this may be through video testimonials showing satisfaction and their opinion about your company. The more powerful the stories, the better credibility you will receive about the stories from other customers and not from you.


After you know and understand your target audience and what your customers want and need, now it is time to get started to find the right display for your right audience.

If you are a smaller company with a tight budget, you may want to look at putting multiple banner stands in your smaller booth space and focus more on the messaging versus the fancy display.  You can still develop attention grabbing messages that hook in your audience with the solution to a problem.

If you want something larger, fabric displays are very popular due to being lightweight and cost effective.  See our posted blog for “Ten Reasons Portable Fabric Displays to go are Perfect for Your Business.”  Fabric Displays are seen everywhere.  They are easy to set up, convenient for a large message space to gain the attention of your audience and most importantly lightweight and save you money on shipping and setup and take down costs at shows.  Fabric Displays can be 3-Dimensional or 2-Dimensional and there are so many options to choose from. When making a purchase decision for your next Fabric Trade Show Display, look at what best fits your corporate branding.

If you are an Eco Minded company that wants to keep our environment clean by purchasing an Environmentally Friendly Green Outdoor or Indoor Display, look at some great designs and exhibit displays that enable you to make a good choice for your business and the environment.  Eco Displays have grown in the marketplace in the past 10 years and over 60% of exhibit displays now can fit this need.

If you are a traditional company that enjoys having a billboard for a graphic on a lightweight display, then a portable modular pop-up display may be best suited for your needs.  You can have a full Velcro receptive fabric display and add detachable graphics with Velcro or have full graphics for a more branded impact to hook in your audience while walking the tradeshow floor.  No matter what size booth space, you can find a display to meet your needs.


Don’t make adding trade show accessories as an afterthought.  Adding accessories puts on the final touches and gives your tradeshow exhibit a finished look.  You can add a nice reception counter or portable counter for meeting with tradeshow attendees or a small portable conference table with chairs to have more in depth conversations in your booth space.  Whichever works best for you; both are great options to add in to your exhibit design for your next event, expo or trade show.


It’s all about the small details that will make the difference for your trade show visitors. Add a branded table cover or literature display racks to place your marketing materials during the show.   Did you know that adding lighting to your display can attract 55% more tradeshow attendees than not having lighting?  Also flooring – this is an afterthought for most companies, but can have a big impact for a lasting impression for your tradeshow visitor in your booth space.  Renting from the show may save you money up front, but owning your own flooring can pay for itself usually in 2-3 shows and you can then keep your consistent look and feel throughout your designed tradeshow exhibit space for your visitors. Trade Show Flooring adds that Extra Something for a Dramatic Finishing Touch.


Now it is time to decide what is best for your corporate branding and your customer and get ready for your next trade show.  We wish you much success!


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