Top 3 Briefcase Folding Panel Displays that Go With You Everywhere!

Do you feel a little overwhelmed when making a trade show display purchase?  Here are 4 common questions that I frequently run into:

  • There are so many options, how do I know what panel display is right for me?
  • It seems like a display is an unnecessary purchase right now, it is going to make a difference?
  • How long will my display last?
  • Is it easy for one person to set up?


The key to buying a trade show panel display is to explore your options and look at what is available for purchase and always keep in mind where your company will be in the future and what this role will play in your future booth designs.  For instance, will you always be exhibiting at smaller shows or are you hoping to grow into larger shows and larger booth spaces?  Look for a folding panel briefcase display that can move into an accessory position when you purchase a larger booth.

Where else can you use your trade show display?  Perhaps in your lobby or office?  Just because it is called a trade show display does not mean you can’t and shouldn’t use it whenever possible!  It’s all about the branding and being sure your brand is in front of as many faces as possible!

Depending on the type of panel trade show display you purchase cases can be optional or even built into the display if looking for a table top smaller unit.  Never skimp on the case purchase even if you are planning to use it just locally.  If your display is damaged during shipping you can spend more replacing or repairing the display than a hard shipping case would have cost.  Always be sure to save the packing instructions and be sure that all employees who will be setting up or taking down the display are well trained in packing, this simple step will ensure less repairs.

Try looking at our famous self-packing briefcase folding panel displays.  They come in various sizes for your needs. If looking something only for a quick presentation, check out the Mini Showstyle Briefcase Display.  Just like it says – it is actually a briefcase size display that opens up with instant graphics! Some great features are it comes in blue black, burgundy or gray fabric and weighs only 11 lbs. The dimensions of this display when open are 48” W x 24” H and you can add on the additional graphic header to become 30” H.  You can also add full graphics to really get noticed and lights and a bag if you upgrade to the ShowStyle Stage 2 Briefcase Display. This gives you a full display in one carry bag!


If that is too small, then upgrade to the Pro 32 Briefcase Folding Panel Display which takes the same concept but adds height and gives you more visibility to your budget dollars. You have 14 sq. ft. of graphic area which is 77% more than the original ShowStyle Briefcase display above. The overall dimensions are 64” W x 32” H plus you can add the graphic header to become 39” H overall.  Now we are talking! This display also has the self-packing briefcase to protect while shipping, storing and using all in one unit and weighs 20 lbs.  Add a light and carry bag to the entire display and it becomes a Briefcase Display Pro 32 Kit all in one bag!


If you still want to think big but have a tight budget check out the larger ShowMax Briefcase Display that is available in blue, back, gray or burgundy fabric.  This ShowMax Folding Panel Briefcase Display is 74” W x 36” H and if you add the graphic along the top, it becomes 42” H for even more visibility and weighs 42 lbs. How many table top displays offer a display that all you have to do is unlatch the briefcase, open up and the graphics are ready to go in less than 2 Minutes! Any of the Briefcase display opens offer this.  All you need to ask yourself is which size fits best for you and your needs?


We also recommend setting up your new table top panel folding panel display before it is packed for shipping and when it returns from a show.  There is nothing worse than arriving at a trade show and realizing that your display has a couple missing or broken parts.

Trade shows are a great way to meet new prospects, stay in contact with current clients, keep up on industry trends, do some competitive research and much more.  Your trade show display is your mobile office, it’s the first impressions many people will get of your company.  Make sure you invest in a display that will do your company justice while helping to build your brand.

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