Transform Your Business in 2016 While Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Tradeshows are about collaborating and communicating effectively for a Return on Relationships (ROR). Imagine a world where you see people interested in what your company does everywhere you turn. You see aisles filled with attendees who are prospective customers with stars in their eyes and money to burn. You can feel that every word you say has an impact directly with your target audience.

The Tradeshow News Network recently reported that a colossal 81% of tradeshow attendees have buying authority, which has grown over the past several years. This means that 4 out of 5 people are ready to become your customer at your next trade show or event. Knowing this, you should start perfecting your trade show performance.


Your first impression is more important now than ever before, as there is never a second chance to create that first impression. When introducing yourself and your company to attendees at a trade show, it is especially important to remember their names. A primary concern people have is what their peers think of them, and when you remember their names, you instantly build relationships and acknowledge that an impression was made. When introducing yourself, don’t become so focused on how you come across that you instantly forget the name of the person you are talking with.  This is especially true when at a venue with hundreds of people. Try repeating each person’s first and last name by introducing them to one of your colleagues in the exhibit booth space to solidify your new connection.


Just as important is finding out what is motivating the trade show attendee to attend your trade show. You can talk all day about your products and services, but what truly matters is knowing the primary motivation of the trade show attendee. This is far more significant in closing deals.  Once you determine what they want and need, create a unique and personalized approach demonstrating how your product or services can solve their problem.  One of the biggest issues sales reps have at shows is repeating generic sales pitches to every person who comes by.  By not saying anything meaningful that the trade show attendee wants or needs to hear, you are wasting priceless opportunities to not only build relationships, but also a solid opportunity to build your brand integrity.

Trade show attendees walk from booth to booth, which is a tiring process, and the last thing they want is to be approached by too many people with the same goal, as it can be overwhelming. If you take the time to differentiate your communication styles with each person who stops by your booth, it allows them to feel more important, which can ultimately lead to a special memory that separates your company from the rest.


Practice Your Sales Pitch before the Show!

At a trade show, you need to be ready at a moment’s notice for spontaneous conversations and opportunities with a buyer or even the press.

To be prepared, you should have two important pitches.

  1. Your Company’s Brand Pitch.

This is also referred to as your elevator pitch. This is where you should express a story and source of purpose. This should be your “WHY” statement. This should include how long you have been in business, and most importantly, what makes your company different from competitors in your industry. Your uniqueness in business may be exactly what someone may be looking for. Practicing and delivering this information with core points, clarity and confidence will help to impress anyone coming to visit your booth.

  1. Your Company’s Sales Pitch.

Knowing your company well and their inventory is the key to a successful sales pitch. Taking your buyer through your collection quickly is most important. This would include your current offerings, new items, features and price points. This gives the prospective buyer confidence in potentially working with you because you know every detail about your company. This is where you can also emphasize your best selling items and advise availability and delivery timelines that are essential to the buyer.

Use Technology to Lighten the Load

Face-to-face relationships are the most important aspect of a face-to-face tradeshow, but those relationships do not always lead to good conversations. Imagine being present and able to solely focus on interacting with your prospective customer instead of worrying about manually completing a lead form or completing paper orders. Embrace technology and make it simple for your trade show attendee to browse through a beautiful e-Catalog with a simple click-to-order process. This is where the real magic happens when you are able to combine the talent of your booth staffers with the convenience of technology to improve the trade show sales process for both taking orders and increasing customer satisfaction.

When you combine the intimacy of face-to-face and the impact of supporting a good sales pitch in person, you offer the customer the best of both worlds. The booth representative is able to give personal attention to the visitor in your booth space and also produce better information without the hassle of bulky catalogs and mounds of paper. This also shows that you are eco-conscious as a company. The end result is that the sales rep in the booth space is more efficient and can be more successful in actually closing sales during the show.

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