Nomadic Custom Modular Tradeshow Displays

When browsing through the Internet or shopping for an Exhibit House for Nomadic custom modular tradeshow displays and ideas, be aware – not all custom modular trade show displays are made alike! Many styles that will accommodate a wide variety of display footprints but many may not meet your long term needs due to stability or workmanship.Look Smart to Stand Apart

To rightly stand out and make a lasting impression you need a strong appearance power. While there are many forms and shapes, ask yourself do you like Contemporary in style yet practical, or do you like  High Tech and leading edge? Custom modular exhibits blend the look, feel and features of custom displays with the savings benefits of lightweight modularity to dramatically reduce your trade show costs.

How do you make sure that your company doesn’t get lost or overlooked in all the noise and commotion? 

Key Ingredients for a Great Booth

Overall Strategy:

  • Write the play BEFORE you design the set
  • Design to ENHANCE selling vs. creating a monument to YOUR
  • Provide a POSITIVE customer experience vs. satisfying personal tastes & preferences

6 Things to Consider Pre-Design

  1. How do you want visitors to travel through the exhibit? (Do you want them to stand outside the booth space for a demonstration to many or come inside the space and make it personal?)
  2. What corporate/product stories need to be told? (Have this prepared ahead of time so all booth staffers have the same messaging.)
  3. Should there be a linear, controlled path or a more free-flowing, non-linear space? (Do you want your visitors to have a formal seating area or stand in a certain location or flow in the space to learn more?)
  4. What sales tools are needed—and where—to tell your story and engage visitors? (Are you creating an experience with video, technology Apps or other sources to engage your audience?)
  5. How will you capture customer impressions and data? (Are you using a lead capturing device with prequalifying questions or software with a touch screen to capture data shared at the show with each attendee and tracking the results?)
  6. What do you want the visitor to think and feel about your company when leaving the exhibit? (What is the lasting impression you are creating?)

When you are designing your new exhibit, think about ways for “
How can you be remembered?

Some things to consider for your design of a new custom modular tradeshow exhibit.

Organic Shapes

  • Create movement to generate attention
  • Complement and/or define space
  • Provide contrast



  • Neutral Base colors with bright colors as accents
  • Deep, rich, classic, sophisticated palette
  • Richer, bolder wood tones



  • Clean, bold, less complex
  • More use of people interacting with products or expressing a lifestyle to engage prospects emotionally



  • Cost savings due to its light weight
  • Graphic messaging surface
  • Space definition that is open and airy
  • Translucency adds luxury




  • Popular solution to single lines
  • Greater variety of design options/style
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Competitively priced; excellent value



  • Popular solution to capital investment constraints
  • Fulfill infrequent exhibit needs, limited exhibit inventories, pre-purchase test drives


Bring your brand to life with our top-of-the-line custom modular tradeshow displays. Search through our gallery at your leisure to see what you like best. Invest in a lifetime of versatility with an island custom modular tradeshow display that can adapt and change with your latest market challenges. Nomadic custom modular tradeshow booths are engineered to integrate with one another to create an impactful selling environment. Our displays incorporate tension fabric structures, radiant lighting solutions, interactive computer workstations and a free standing display counter with locking storage.


When you invest in a Nomadic custom modular trade show display, it provides you with a lifetime of versatility. Nomadic modular displays are scalable to work in more places and evolve with your changing business needs allowing you to benefit from the ability to enhance, expand and repurpose your properties to fit multiple applications.

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