Portable Trade Show Furniture – It’s All about the End in Mind.

With so many options on the Internet and so many companies that offer similar trade show furniture, it can be overwhelming to find the right furniture to complement your trade show exhibit in your booth space.

Start first with the end in mind. So many things start this way when you think about it…at the end. Begin at the end and ask yourself: What is the outcome I seek?


You prepare a favorite recipe with the outcome in mind and mix the ingredients for envisioning the taste.

You program a car navigation system with your desired destination: step-by-step directions follow.

You work with an architect to design your new home, envisioning and planning how the aesthetic finished space will function, flow and appear. The same is true when planning for your next tradeshow participation.

What do you want to happen in your exhibit booth while engaging with your prospective customers or existing customers?

Do you want to have an exhibit space that is open and warm and friendly or do you want to design an environment that is high tech and edgy?

Tradeshows have always helped a buyer decide whether they can ‘trust’ a company, but the future of trust is likely to be more and more social.

These are two important things to keep in mind while starting with the end in mind. It should be about the experience trade show visitors have when entering your booth. Do you want visitors to sit down on trade show portable furniture and relax while visiting and learning more about your company? Trade show furniture creates a small conference area for face-to-face interactions while also providing a surface for writing or displaying product, while chairs can be used as a lounge area for tired show attendees.


When looking for Portable trade show furniture collapsible furniture is best. It will help cut down the cost of shipping as it packs flat in a portable UPS or FedEx shipping case and by using your own trade show furniture you will save money from continually renting these furniture pieces.

black-tradeshow-shipping-case red-tradeshow-shipping-case


Director Chairs are also a good way to get your brand put on a furniture item to maintain consistency within your exhibit booth space. Folding Director Trade Show Chairs are available in standard height or counter height and are the kind of trade show accessory that makes your life easier, show after show. Why rent when you can save money by purchasing your tradeshow director chair and have your logo imprinted onto the seat and/or back.

short-trade-show-director-chair tall-trade-show-director-chair

You invest a lot of money into getting ready for your tradeshow with preshow planning, at show attendance and post show follow up. We all want our investment to pay off with a return on investment, but what about the “Return on Relationships” built during the show by having trade show furniture to let your visitors know you want to get to know them and have a place in your booth space for them to sit down and get to know who you are and what you do?

Shaking lots of hands indiscriminately does little to drive profits. Often the intent of a trade show is lost in the execution of the details. The bottom line is results and a measurable return on your investment should always be expected.

There are so many steps and activities that have to be planned, coordinated and timed for successful trade show execution. So the next time you are planning to exhibit in an event, expo or trade show, be sure to have the end in mind – what experience do you want for your trade show visitors and invite them to sit down and get to know you during the show! What show-stopping graphics with a message focused towards your audience are you using? Do you project the right image to the right audience?


After you create the exhibit booth story and experience, it will be up to your trade show staffers for creating the memorable and lasting impression. You created the comfort and now all you have to do is be sure you have motivated trade show booth staffers in your booth space.

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