Top 10 Marketing Quotes In a Challenging Economy

  1. Anne Saunders—Advertising Executive, Bank of America

“We don’t expect to see a substantial cut,” she added, because “it would be a mistake to say you don’t need to continue to tend your brand, even in a challenging market like this.”


  1. Dan Sullivan – Strategic Coach

“Offer prospective clients free samples or a gift for appointments to pitch them on your product or service. Then be sure to follow up with each potential customer.”

  1. Jez Frampton — Global Chief Executive, Interbrand

“The consumer is sitting at the bottom of a bunker with his head in his hands, wondering if it’s safe to come out, it’s up to us to stimulate demand in the marketplace again,”

  1. Joseph Tripodi — Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Coca-Cola Corp.

“It’s very easy now to panic, and we cannot panic. Invest in your brands now, especially in these dry times. The easiest thing is to shut down, and that’s the worst thing.”

  1. Susan Friedman — Tradeshow Coach

“It might seem counterintuitive, but the thinning of the crowds is a dark cloud with a shiny silver lining. Smaller, more concentrated crowds generally contain a higher percentage of serious buyers.  These are the attendees who come to the show to do business, who view the annual event as time to connect with suppliers, consider new vendors, and reinforce their own working relationships — in short, the real pros.”


  1. Rebecca Saeger — Chief Marketing Officer, Charles Schwab

“There has never been a more crystal-clear realization of why you need a strong brand.”

  1. Michael Mendenhall — Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Hewlett-Packard

“It’s incredibly important to be risk-takers in the economic climate we’re in,”

  1. Amber Naslund — Principal , Altitude Marketing

“I know it’s a scary financial world out there right now, and lots of businesses are battening down the hatches in preparation for the storm of the century. I’m a realist and I do understand that the economy is causing hardship for many businesses, but I believe in something profoundly. Now is the time to invest in your business, and your brand.”

  1. David Beckham — Sales and Support Manger, AT&T Advertising and Publishing

“Focus your marketing…Offer prospective clients free samples or a gift for appointments to pitch them on your product or service. Then be sure to follow up with each potential customer.

  1. DJ Heckes — Owner and CEO, EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts

“Though the economy has taken a downturn, it’s the perfect time for smaller businesses to take advantage of the benefits of trade show marketing.  Fewer attendees may mean better qualified leads.  Fewer exhibitors means a larger portion of the market share.  We train exhibitors to listen to prospects, qualify leads and determine their real needs offering clients a larger return on their investment.”

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