6 Affordable Banner Display Ideas for your Next Trade Show

When you’re considering attending a trade show, it is important to consider the trade show display. It’s an essential part of marketing your business and you want your display to be unique and represent your branded messaging with the proper image. Banner displays are an affordable option for marketing your business at trade shows and other events. At EXHIB-IT!, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, most affordable banner displays for your next trade show.

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Banner Stand Display Ideas for your Next Trade Show

What is a banner display? A banner display is any large graphic image that is showcased. They differ by the type of stand that is used. Here are some examples of popular banner stand solutions:

  • Spring Back:The spring back banner stand series is a stationary stand that displays large graphics with no hassles. These are the most affordable option because they have no moving parts. The graphic, typically 7’ tall, is attached to an x-frame support stand for display. Portable and lightweight, these are a simple, easy way to display your company’s logo at trade shows and other events.
  • Adjustable: Whether you’re purchasing new hardware for an existing display or are changing artwork on a regular basis, we have a wide selection of adjustable banner stands. Not only can you change out your artwork easily, our stands are also adjustable for height, width or both depending on your needs.
  • Retractable: Display more graphics at your trade show booth when you purchase a retractable banner stand that is free-standing or table top. It’s an affordable way to add graphics to your trade show booth. Not sure which stand is right for you? Contact our team and we can help you decide because not every retractable Banner Stand is the same!
  • Double Sided: Marketing savvy business owners need to consider double sided banner stands! It’s like having a window shade with graphics on both sides, simply a must-have for your next trade show. We can produce double sided banner stands as retractable, roll up, double-sided, scrolling, spring back, or adjustable.
  • Outdoor: Our outdoor banner stands are designed for outdoor use and can withstand winds up to at least 30mph. All are resistant to fading and weathering. Consider double sided visibility when creating your simple art design. The artwork will appear backwards from the reverse side for single sided outdoor banner stands. If you don’t like that idea, consider double-sided graphics where the art is visible cleanly and clearly from either side of the banner. Our options range from 5-18 feet, depending on your needs.
  • Oversized Banner Stands: Complete with all the advantages of regular banner stands, theoversized banner stand includes added bonuses. They are tool-free and are assembled as a single unit. Save time and money on set-up fees and lengthy trade show booth set-up when you market your company using an oversized banner stand.

Marketing your business is about more than attending a trade show. It’s about the image your trade show booth portrays and how that reflects your business. Having the proper banner stand in your display could be the difference between someone stopping at your booth or going to your competitor. The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you make yours the trade show booth of choice using the best banner stands for your business!

Learn how to make the most of your trade show investment when you register for our free Trade Show Training 4-Part Series ($600 value).

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