10 Reasons Portable Fabric Displays to Go are Perfect for Your Business

At Trade Shows, we don’t want to be worried about the hassle of setting up a complicated display. We recommend having portable displays that are easy to move, showcase your brand, and attract your target client for displays to go to multiple events.

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Why Portable Fabric Displays to Go are Perfect for Your Business
  • Attract your target client with a stunning colorful display.
  • Easy assembly and take down for outdoor events.
  • Create a display to go to events at different venues and floor spaces.
  • Design a back wall display to keep the white tent interesting.

The design team at EXHIB-IT! is ready to help you create a fun, colorful display to exhibit at your next trade show or networking event. We’ve got our Xsnap Portable Fabric Display Kits in mind to make your brand stand out among the competition.

Here are 10 reasons 3D Fabric Displays to go are the perfect option for all of your events:

  1. It’s in the name. Looking for an easy solution to get you in and out of your events with ease? Xsnap Portable Fabric Displays are easy to store and lightweight making them easy to transport to and from events.
  2. Imagine the possibilities. Let your imagination run free and let your creativity loose to explore the limitless design possibilities. Choose from our kits to create a unique 3-D display with fabric options that will WOW the competition and get your customers coming back for more.
  3. Choose your own size of graphics that will show off your business in a way that is memorable to event attendees. Whether you’re displaying a logo, a new product, or a combination, the team at EXHIB-IT! can help you create a design to go to any event.
  4. More for the money. We never want our customers to leave feeling like they didn’t get value for their money which is why we offer Xsnap 3D Fabric Displays that can be reconfigured depending on the event and event space that is available to you. It’s like getting more than one display for the price of one!
  5. Stop worrying about assembly. No need to worry about getting sweaty setting up A 3d Fabric Lightweight Display or having to bring someone to help you. We guarantee simple assembly. Our Xsnap displays to go can be easily set up or taken down by one person in just a few minutes.
  6. Green is a trending color in trade shows and expos. Take a stand and be part of the new movement when you choose from our eco-friendly options for your next display. From building materials to the type of ink we use to create stunning graphics, our team will help your business stand at the top of the eco-friendly trend.
  7. Stand out in the crowd. Choose from colors and styles to make your brand noticeable in the crowd of your next event. Working with our team, we will help you create a colorful display that attracts customers to you. Then it’s your job to convert those leads to sales.
  8. Our guarantee. We believe in our products so much, we give you a lifetime warranty of all Xsnap hardware frames, giving you peace of mind that your display will last as long as you need it.
  9. Color matters. Not loving the white background of an outdoor tent? We have giant back wall configurations available. Choose from a variety of configurations, colors, and graphics and make your display-to-go stand out in a crowd.
  10. Choices to be made. Whether you’re new to trade shows, expos, and events or are a seasoned trade show exhibitor, we have the fabric display to fit your needs. From table top to full size back wall, our team can help you find the right design and price for you. Check out the options on our website at http://www.exhib-it.com/catalog/fabric-displays/xsnap/displays.

We know we can’t come with you to every event, which is why our team helps you design the best displays to go with your unique style. We want your booth to look the best it can look to attract your target clients and help you build your business.

Learn how to make the most of your trade show investment when you register for our free Trade Show Training 4-Part Series ($600 value).


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