How To: Adobe Illustrator‎ CC – Business Card Template Set Up for Print

Watch step by step visual instructions on how to set up professional templates for digital use, general print, and large format printing. In this instructional video we use a general print format, standard business card as our example (print size measuring 3.5″w x 2″h).

Pixels Per Inch, Raster Effects or Resolution Guide:

Web72 dpi/ppi
Large Format Printing150 dpi/ppi
General Print – Business cards, brochures, books, magazines, etc. – 300 dpi/ppi

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General Print Template Guidelines – Business Cards

General Print Guidelines:
Business Card Template

  • Bleed: 1/8” – 0.125” all the way around, outside of Canvas.
    Extend all background colors and images to this line.
  • Trim/Canvas/Print Size: 3.5”w x 2”h
    This will be the final print/document size and cut line.
  • Critical Margin: 1/8” – 0.125” all the way around, inside Canvas.
    Keep ALL important text, images and graphics within this margin.

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