Part 2: The Search for the Bundtini Bandit

The search for our missing Bundtini’s from Nothing Bundt Cakes continued throughout the day, along with demand after demand from the Bundtini Bandit…

Bundtini Bandit

ransom note 8


What is this nonsense…where is the dessert!!!


I second that! It is Friday afternoon we want DESSERT!


Bundtini Bandit

ransom note 9


Come on people… Let’s move it!

Budntini Bandit

ransom note 10


We have come so far! Don’t let us lose them in these final minutes!! Who is in charge here anyway??


This guy!


Bandtini Bandit

ransom note 11


This bandit is a real buzzkill before the weekend.

Chill out, Bandit, you got your sugar fix, so let’s….just……chill…..out. Come back from your crazy ledge and let’s talk about how your Bundt cake abandoned you when you were but a mere Bundtini, and how you had to robe yourself in canned frosting because you couldn’t afford buttercream. We’ll heal the cracked crust of your past and reveal your secret fluffy center that just, you know, wants to be WANTED. We want you. We want to know you. And most of all, we love you, buttercream frosting or not.

Come on, Bandit, what do you say?


Please… I think there was just a delay in the system. Please have mercy!! Our boss really loves those bundtinis!!

Bundtini Bandit

ransom note 12


Exhib-it peeps are the most fun!!!  If there are bundtini’s on Monday kidnap one for me to  have on Tuesday!

Thanks Team buddies


At our EXHIB-IT! Monday morning meeting it was revealed that Kristen had been posing as the Bundtini Bandit.  However she was not actually guilty of taking them.  Juana came clean that she had taken one.  After investigating we still couldn’t find out who took the other two.  The Budntini Bandit is still out there watching and waiting, ready to strike again.  Next time you order these tasty treats from Nothing Bundt Cakes, be sure to keep them under close watch.

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