Missing Something? The Search for the Bundtini Bandit

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Nothing Bundt Cakes – Bundtinis

At EXHIB-IT! we pride ourselves on having a corporate culture and brand that reflects a strong work ethic, exemplary customer servicequality products, and a staff that is a community of professionals that not only know how to work hard, but have a good time while getting the job done.

As we go into our busy season, helping companies from across New Mexico and throughout the U.S. get ready for trade shows and events, the work load can seem overwhelming at times.  But we have a strategy at EXHIB-IT!  Our attention to detail and each employee and department’s expertise come together like a well-oiled machine to get things done right and on time.

To encourage a healthy and happy work environment, we also take time to breathe, and most importantly, laugh.  The EXHIB-IT! Team has a great sense of humor and that makes doing what we love that much more fun.

That leads us to the great Bundtini debacle.  Our CEO, DJ Heckes, has a private drawer in the refrigerator for her food.  It’s common knowledge in the office, or so we thought, that the food in there is hers.  This week we hosted a training, How to Exhibit at Trade Shows, for Exhibitors of the The Wedding Guide of New Mexico’s 2015 Summer Wedding Expo that takes place this Sunday, August 23rd, get tickets here.

They were kind enough to bring some amazing Bundtinis to the exhibitor booth camp from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Needless to say demand for those decadent, tasty treats were high and everyone took their own stash.  Our CEO, DJ, put hers in her refrigerator drawer to take home to her family.

Well, they went missing.  Someone took them, and so the search began.  DJ began asking everyone who took them and that started an interoffice email stream that went something like this:

“Hey, who ate the bosses cupcakes?!  I’m getting the heat cause apparently I look guilty…  They were in her drawer.”

“It wasn’t me…. But someone should check Libby’s breath!”


“I think you mean…….”
giphy (1)

“I didn’t even know there were cupcakes to steal!!”

no cupcakes, meme, joey, friends

That night we receive the first of two cryptic messages from the guilty culprit:

The Bundtini Bandit


Buntini Bandit, ransom note

“This made my day!  It is absolutely hilarious!  I love you guys!”

“Who made this?! Lol”

The Bundtini Bandit


ransom note 2

The Bundtini Bandit: Friday, August 21, 2015 10:30 AM

ransom note 3

This entire team is amazing.  I can’t just pinpoint one person. I have and continue to learn, everyday, from all of you.  Thank you for your patience.


All you care about are cupcakes Marina and we have Bundtinis to save!

LOL….  The EXHIB-IT! Staff are cohesive, transparent (most of the time except when my bundtinis go missing) and make EXHIB-IT! look good to our customers through their servant heart deliverables.

As we are a team, I believe that we should also get complimented as a team. The EXHIB-IT! team is a great combination of personality, humor, expertise, and most importantly… heart!

Bundtini Bandit

ransom note 5

Seriously, someone find Libby! Has anyone ever dealt with a “hangry” boss???

Everyone here wants to make a positive difference in the world and strives to grow as a person – You inspire me!

She is at lunch!

Bundtini Bandit

ransom note 4

LOL  Josiah!!! This is you. Kerry and Monique, respond. Seriously, this is the fate of my bundtinis.

Hey Kerry and I are silent team players working away like little bees! Kerry with the production and me with the $ales and putting out FIRES!!

ransom note 7ransom note 6

Monique is awesome and I love working with her!
Libby is awesome and I love working with her!
Kristen is awesome and I love working with her!
Jauna is awesome and I love working with her!
Stephanie is awesome and I love working with her!
Marina is awesome and I love working with her!
Josiah is awesome and I love working with him!
DJ is awesome and I love working with her!

Now I’m going  back to printing and being a worker bee!

Love all the fun we have at EXHIB-IT!  And the great people here


…Will DJ ever find out who cake-napped her Bundtinis?  Will the Bundtini Bandit ever be caught?  Will Marina ever stop talking about cupcakes and focus on the real issue of the missing Bundtinis?  Will Kerry ever realize that his email was hacked? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!

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