Introducing the NEW Enlighten Series All-in-One Case Backlit Displays

Enlighten, Backlit, Display, Trade Show, Nomadic, EXHIB-IT!

Enlighten Backlit Display

Our Envision Wall Kits are getting rave reviews. So we’re following up with the next generation – –Enlighten Backlit Wall Kits.

20ft, Enlighten, Backlit, Display, Exhibit, trade show, EXHIB-IT!, Nomadic

20ft Enlighten Backlit Display

Amazingly, a complete 20’ Enlighten Display with a Premium Conversion Counter travels in just one RollOne Case!

Only Nomadic Enlighten Backlit Display Walls offer the complete package.

Enlighten Features:

√ Brilliant LED Lighting
√ SEG Graphics
√ Tool Free Assembly
√ Ships in RollOne Case
√ Competitively Priced
√ Lifetime Warranty
Enlighten, Series, Backlit, Displays, 20', Inline, 5', Tabletop, trade show, EXHIB-IT!

Enlighten Series of Backlit Displays Range from 20′ Inline to 5′ Tabletop

Need a backlit graphic on the wall? Enlighten can also easily be mounted to the wall.

Enlighten, Backlit, Graphic, Frame, LED Lights, Liner, Nomadic, EXHIB-IT!

Enlighten Backlit Graphic, Frame, LED Lights, and Liner

New Backlit Extrusion
Enlighten features our newest extrusion. It is designed to provide you with a backlit solution that is lightweight and easy to install.

SEG Graphics
SEG graphics are always custom tailored for fit and finish. The TriFab fabric on Enlighten is wrinkle resistant, durable and machine washable.

Enlighten can provide a double sided solution, too. It’s as easy as connecting two frames back-to-back.

Brilliant LED Lighting
Energy saving LED lights are a bright white (5500 kelvin) and last up to 50,000 hours.

Easy Assembly
Lights are pre-installed into the extrusion channel for optimal protection. Frame sections glide together and only require tightening with thumb screws. All that is left is to connect the light modules between frame sections, mount the side base plates, install the SEG graphic panel, turn on the lights and you are ready to light up the show. All of it can be installed in under an hour.

Lights are attached to the backlit extrusion channel with Dual Lock™ to make them easily replaceable in the field.

Shop EXHIB-IT!’s Enlighten Series All-in-One Case Backlit Displays catalog now.

For additional pricing information, to get a quote, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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