15 Trade Show & Event Planning Resources

If you’re a professional event planner or trade show organizer, you know there is a sea of information available from a variety of sources. From professional associations and industry news to event planning blogs, it’s hard to know which websites are the most reliable sources.

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15 Trade Show and Event Planning Resources

Keep in mind you don’t have to attend or exhibit at every industry event. You don’t have time to read every event planner blog. And you don’t need to know ALL of the industry trends, just the ones that matter to your business.

Before you dive into our list of resources:

  1. Identify your industry
  2. Define your target market
  3. Define event goals

Once you’ve narrowed your focus with 1-3, you can begin researching the best places to exhibit and market your business.

15 Tradeshow & Event Planning Resources

  1. Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) is the premier source for tradeshow industry research and trends. For more than 30 years they have been promoting the importance of tradeshows to building a business and have the research to prove it. A go-to source for anyone in or near the exhibition industry.
  2. Exhibitor Magazine provides tips for best practices in the industry including thousands of articles. Topics include planning and executing, marketing and promotion, events and venues, and career tips for event professionals.
  3. Exhibit and Event Marketers Association is a community of marketers providing education and training, and advocates for best practices at events and tradeshows. As an association member, you can receive a Certified Manager of Exhibits designation for those with industry-recognized and demonstrated expertise in all areas of exhibit and event management.
  4. Velvet Chainsaw by Jeff Hurt is an amazingly information packed site tracking the latest trends to help you improve your annual meetings, conferences, and education by an industry leader. The downside? If you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate site, you might consider looking elsewhere. The amount of information, and categories and tags is a bit overwhelming.
  5. Trade Show News Network From the Top Trade Shows list to the Tech Guide, this website provides the latest news and insider information.
  6. Trade Show Expo is THE hub for trade show managers, meeting planners, and exhibit builders who conduct face-to-face business in Las Vegas. If your trade show is in Vegas or you’re thinking about Las Vegas as a meeting destination, you need this resource.
  7. Exhibit City News offers a variety of industry related news. Most notably is their coverage of green and eco-friendly trends.
  8. Events in America is where you can find tradeshows, events, expos, and conventions across the country. It’s not just a database. Users can share events with colleagues, save them for future reference, build local and regional event calendars and more.
  9. Trade Show Advisor is great for event planning professionals seeking ways to grow your trade show success, making the most out of your trade show investment. Identify the best trade show displays and how to maximize efforts at your next event using the resources offered on this site.
  10. Social Media for Planners is perfect if you’re seeking new or innovative ways to reach your audience using social media. You know you need to be sharing on social media, but do you know how much is too much? Don’t scare your audience away with sales-y posts; check out this site and get some insight from the professionals before your next event.
  11. Bizbash is THE place to go for trendy ideas for your next event. Get creative ideas and see what the leading event professionals are doing to create memorable events for their clients.
  12. Event Manager Blog: This blog offer useful tips (making your event more eco-friendly, how to use social media to promote events) and information for event planners, they also post a month-end best-of post.
  13. Event Planning Blueprint: This blog truly does what it says – provides a blueprint for planning events. From posts about themed events to building your event planning business, new and seasoned planners will find this information useful.
  14. Eventjuice is a hip, clean site offering a youthful approach to event planning with tips for new and seasoned event planners alike. Recent posts include who to follow on Twitter, interview questions for event planners, and expert interviews.
  15. EXHIB-IT! Blog, well we can’t forget the resources we offer here! It is our mission to help tradeshow professionals get the most out of your event investment. For those of you in New Mexico, check out our Local Event Calendar.

The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you create the perfect trade show display solution for your brand. Contact us today to learn more.

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