How To: Simple Guide to Trade Show Exhibits

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Simple Guide to Trade Show Exhibits

Designing a trade show exhibit to meet the unique needs of your business takes time and planning. You need to understand your target audience, who you want to attract to your booth as well as what type of events you will be attending.

Consider the following as you’re creating your trade show exhibit:

  1. Who is your target audience? Often companies create a marketing plan without taking into consideration who their target clients are. They are solely focused on getting their product or service to the marketplace. You have to know who you want to visit your booth so you can create a booth that attracts them.
  2. What is your trade show goal? You may be introducing a new product or collecting a list of prospects interested in your service. You may be providing information to a community or building brand awareness. Depending on your goal, your trade show exhibit design may be different.
  3. At which trade shows are you an exhibitor? Now that you have defined your target audience and goal, it’s time to select trade shows that help you meet the right people.
  4. What kind of trade show exhibit giveaway do you want? That depends on who your target audience is. For example, if the target audience is business travelers, you would provide luggage tags, tips for packing light and gift cards to nationally known restaurants or coffee shops. A bad giveaway for business travelers would be gift cards to local or regional businesses.
  5. Who is staffing your trade show booth? No matter who your target audience or industry, you want booth staffers who are engaged and engaging. Don’t bring the shyest person at the office and expect them to meet and greet attendees; it’s likely not to happen. Bring the high energy extroverts to staff the booth.

Whether you’re a seasoned trade show exhibitor or are creating your first trade show exhibit, it’s important to plan what you need to meet your goals. The team at EXHIB-IT! can help you through that process. Contact EXHIB-IT! today to learn more.

If you are a constant learner, be sure to check out our Free Tradeshow Training Webinars Videos from my book The NOISE Behind Business – How to Make Tradeshows Work!

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