How to Use High-tech Trade Show Displays

red trade show exhibit
Make your next trade show about more than generating leads. Create an interactive experience for attendees while increasing brand visibility when you have a high-tech trade show display. Today’s technology has allowed us to bring trade show displays to life, making it easier than ever to educate attendees about your brand.

trade show exhibit

It’s challenging to make your technology company stand out in a sea of other tech-based companies. At EXHIB-IT!, we help our technology clients answer the question of how to distinguish their trade show display from the competition.

  • Keep the display simple in design and message.
  • Plan ahead, designing or re-designing the trade show displays.
  • Provide interactive media, showing attendees how you can help them.

High-tech Trade show displays can be created or integrated into existing design.

nfl trade show exhibit

Make your booth exciting and a must-see at your next event. Search our Idea Gallery and add an iPad kiosk to your trade show booth so attendees can interact with your product or check-in on social media sites such Facebook. Have attendees send a tweet using your company name and a hashtag that you’ve designated for the event. Once they send the tweet, give them a promotional item.

iPad kiosk exhibit, trade show marketing
iPad kiosk exhibit

Have a clear message.

You never want your trade show display to leave people wondering what your company does or how you can help them. Keep the message of the booth clear. Consider providing information about a limited number of products while making sure the people at your booth are well-educated about all aspects of the business.

purple trade show exhibit

Combine motion and still images for the greatest impact.

Remember that motion captures the eye faster than stand-alone graphics. Utilize display monitors to tell your story. Whether it’s a promotional video about a product or service or a fun video from your team back at the corporate office, it’s a great way to attract people to your booth.

Combine in-motion video with additional monitors displaying the company logo to increase brand visibility. Attendees who recognize your brand will be more likely to stop and visit if they can easily see who and where you are.

Be flexible.

There are times when you need the flexibility of a display that can be moved around your event space. Mobile kiosks are a great option for events or locations such as museums and schools.

light blue trade show exhibit

Engaging trade show attendees is increasingly challenging. Displaying a clear message, incorporating interactive media, and a variety of images will help your brand stand out among the competition. For more information about these and other EXHIB-IT! products, contact our team today!

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