3 Reasons to Use Technology in Trade Show Displays in 2015

Are you seeking ways to get your brand recognized?

Two Silver iPad Kiosks, exhibitor trade show marketing
iPad Kiosks

Are you looking for ways to attract younger trade show attendees to your booth?

Are you seeking ways to go green at trade shows?

Consider using technology in trade show displays to set your business apart, increase brand recognition, and decrease the carbon footprint of your business.

Rethink the way you not only interact with attendees, but also about your trade show displays. Younger attendees are seeking to experience your product. One of the most effective ways to enhance their experience is to create an interactive experience using technology, such as an iPad, in your trade show display.

iPad kiosk exhibit, trade show marketing
iPad kiosk exhibit

Here are 3 reasons to use technology in trade show displays:

  1. Re-design to Attract a New Audience: Thinking of a new design for your business trade show booth? Consider adding an iPad kiosk. It saves space and weight compared to traditional marketing materials, saving on shipping expenses. iPads and other technology also help attract visitors to your booth, increasing brand recognition, separating you from the competition.
  2. Benefit of Going Green: In addition to attracting visitors, technology helps you tell the story of how your product or service can help attendees while saving resources. It’s a lot less expensive to purchase an iPad and change the presentation for a trade show than to design and print, re-design and reprint marketing materials as your business changes. And you’re decreasing the carbon footprint your company is leaving. It’s a win-win.
  3. On-Site Customer Care: Engaging customers and answering questions is made simpler when your team can help them right from the trade show floor. An iPad kiosk will set your business apart. No longer do attendees have to wait for your sales team to show them your product.
Custom Sprint iPad Kiosk, Trade Show exhibit
Custom Sprint iPad Kiosk

Technology is ever increasing as a tool to increase brand awareness, attract attendees, provide on-site customer care, and decrease the carbon footprint of businesses at trade shows. Contact the team at EXHIB-IT! to learn more about iPad kiosks and other trade show displays and accessories to help your brand get recognized.

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