Emerging Exhibiting Industry Trade Show Trends for 2015

The Trade Show News Network reported that more than 110 C-level trade show organizers and suppliers gathered at a September 2014 Center for Exhibition Industry Research Predict Conference regarding how the overall U.S. economy is faring right now and into the future.

Tradeshows and events are becoming a more valuable channel where brands can connect more intimately with consumers in a face-to-face setting.  Even though people may talk online, they will close business in person.  I am feeling very optimistic also about the trade show industry growth for the next two years after reading the CEIR Report dated September 12, 2014 for Positive Growth into 2015-2016: (Source: CEIR Predict Conference: Trade Show Industry on Track for Positive Growth into 2015-2016).

According to Ryan Sweet, Senior Economic for Moody’s Analytics, he says “We are going to see a noticeable acceleration of the U.S. economy, and it’s been a modest positive gain and 2015 is predicted to see a 4 percent increase in GDP.

It is interesting that the most growth worldwide is predicted to still be in Asia, which is predicted to see a 5 percent increase for the next two years.  There is much optimism for the U.S. Economy to rise and when that happens, it causes a domino effect in other global places.  The main concern is Europe and if they fall back into a recession, it will affect us.

Brian Casey, President and CEO of the Center for Exhibition and Industry Research predicts that the next few years look better than recent years. Attendance has been on track for tradeshow growth and is predicted to grow faster in future years, which is a very good sign.  For a more detailed future outlook visit: Center for Exhibition Industry Research Index Report: 2Q Shows 1 Percent Overall Trade Show Industry Growth.

Now that we are seeing the importance of face-to-face interaction at tradeshows, here are a few tips to get ready for your next tradeshow or event.

Time tables are getting shorter.
Realizing the clock is ticking to get ready for the 2015 winter tradeshow season, EXHIB-IT! makes it a goal to work alongside with our customers for co-creation where we offer tradeshow solutions and services collaboratively with our customers to produce a better product in a more streamlined time frame. By revealing the exhibit design process, EXHIB-IT!  and exhibitors are able to work in a parallel path toward a unified solution which is a win-win for our customers. This allows us to become greater experts in our customer’s market – to bring more intellectual capital into the booth design creation.

Trade Show Tip from DJ Heckes, CEO:
Divide your Team into Hunters and Farmers.

This is a great exhibiting game and keeps the competition between the booth staffers nice and lively.  It also maximizes your trade show booth traffic. Divide your staff into two teams – it does not have to be an even split. One team are hunters and they look for qualified marketing leads (QMLs) and new data contacts.  The other team are famers and they look after meetings, sit downs, product demonstrations and help with existing customers.

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