Trade Show Preparation Tips

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Trade Show Preparation Tips

As a professional event planner, it is important to prepare for your next trade show well in advance. Begin by setting goals so you can measure the success of your trade show experience, marketing the event, and building a team that can help your business reach success. It is important your clients and prospects know where they can meet you and experience your product or service, especially if you’re rolling out a new product or service.

Give visitors a reason to find you and ultimately, do business with you over the competition.

It’s not just about the trade show booth. You can attract or detract visitors based on appearance only. Attract booth visitors by looking good including how your booth workers look AND the appearance of your trade show display. The last thing you want to do is send a prospect to your competitor’s booth!

When you consider trade show booth design, be sure you’re capturing leads. Most importantly, don’t forget to follow up with leads after the event. Consider a post-event marketing strategy to keep people interested in your business.

Make an unforgettable first impression!

Set Measurable Goals

From the number of meetings you want to set at your trade show booth to how many leads you want to get at the event, it is important to set measurable goals. Without goals you will not understand how much success you have achieved. Whether you’re planning the trade show or exhibiting your business, it is important to understand why you’re at the event and what needs to be accomplished.

Assemble the Right Team

Think about who you want helping you at the event and what role they will have. The quiet marketing assistant might be a better fit for sending live social media posts behind a laptop while the outgoing assistant might be better suited to meet and greet booth visitors. As the event leader, you will be better able to manage people and results when you have roles clearly defined.

Dress to Impress

No matter the industry, it is important to dress to impress. Communicate this to your team also. While you might not be in business suits, it’s important to look professional. You might, for example, each wear the same nametag and business casual attire or you may wear the same color pants and logo wear. Whatever it is, be sure it will impress trade show attendees. You don’t want visitors to pass by your booth because of your appearance. Make your team and your booth look the best!

Build a Memorable Trade Show Display

Along the same lines as dressing to impress, your trade show booth must reflect the business brand. Proudly display the company logo and products you want visitors to notice. Consider a Fabric Display with lighting to display your business. Easy to assemble, these trade show displays are perfect for a variety of events and businesses. The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you find the perfect display for your next event!

Marketing Pre-Event & At-Event

Don’t wait until the day or week of your trade show to start talking about it. Utilize social media, newsletters, webinars, and other communication with clients and prospects to tell them where they can meet you. Post from the event with photos of your booth and the team you have helping you. People LOVE to see what you’re doing; it gives your business a personal touch and sets it apart from others.

Schedule Meetings

Rather than waiting for your clients and prospects to schedule meetings with you at the trade show, contact them in advance and schedule a meeting. This is especially important if you’re away from your office and closer to an out-of-state client. They will appreciate your effort to meet them face-to-face while you’re in their hometown.

Capture Leads

There’s no point in attending trade shows and other events if you don’t have a way to capture leads. Collect contact information from booth visitors in a creative way. Have them enter their email address or business card for the chance to win a prize. Take it one step further. Utilize technology such as an iPad, provide a sneak preview of your latest product when visitors enter their contact information. Now that you’ve captured their contact information, what do you do next?

Follow-Up with Leads

After you capture leads at trade shows and networking events, it is important to follow up. The most common way is to send an email or newsletter thanking them for visiting your booth. Link the newsletter to resources in your website or blog. Give them a reason to pick up the phone and call you or respond to the email.

Don’t Forget the Specific Needs of Your Target Audience

At the end of the day, a great trade show marketing strategy will integrate a mixture of tools to deliver product information to attendees. Do some research to find out how your target market prefers to receive your product information.

Sure, the need for printed materials has decreased, but it still has a place at trade show booths for some attendees. So don’t look to ditch printed materials any time soon. Instead, work toward enhancing print with the new technology channels available today.

The team at EXHIB-IT! is here to help you create the perfect trade show display solution for your unique business. Contact us today to learn more.

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